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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best New Years Resolution---Read A Good Book

Have you ever heard the expression---"I can read you like a book?" How about this one, "Don't judge a book by it's cover". Sometimes we feel like our lives are like an "open book." Quite often, when we make statements like that, we seemingly feel we really know what someone's life is all about. I could ask you this one question---do you really think you do?

In today's world I have found that if I want to make a point to the people I am trying to build a relationship with, I need to find a better way to try make them understand my point of view. In choosing to open a door to get to know someone better, I make strong eye contact, hoping they will respond by keeping that contact strong, hopefully paying attention to the message I am trying to convey to them. My goal at that time when the contact seems to be really strong and connected, is to begin to discuss that I would like that person to look at themselves and others as though they were a book. Usually at that point I seem to have gotten their attention and interest as to what I may have to say. Hopefully at that point they are thinking to themselves that they need to hear a logical explanation.

Continuing on, I follow with the observation that most people still judge a book by it's cover. When that happens all too often, we never get to open the book to see what lies inside---what wonder and wonderful stories there are just waiting to be read. Upon opening a person's book, we will discover an imperfect life just like ours, a life that needs to be read, with a table of contents that may read---the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you do choose to read this persons book, don't just flip through the pages of pain and suffering looking for the happy times, for their book may not contain any or very few.

I say 'so what.' Opening up a book to someone's life and being a part of it is a whole lot better than going to the library and reading a book that is a book of fiction, or a biography of someone no longer living, knowing that you will never get a chance to be a page, a paragraph or a sentence in the book of their life. Books of people you know and will meet are far more interesting and meaningful, than reading a book about someone you will never meet, who you can never get to know.

So instead of wasting your time making New Year's resolutions that you never seem to keep, open the cover of the book of  a person's life you may or may not know, and read on. Don't let the cover prevent you from reading about what is inside----it may change both of your lives forever. Remember: if you judge a book by it's cover, then others may judge your book the same way. Isn't it better to have your life as an open book, than a closed novel?

Don't wait too long because when a person dies, a book burns--- not a good ending to the story.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas---To Those Of Us Left Behind

The year was 1963, the same year our beloved Andy Williams released the everlasting American Christmas song --"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." What a wonderful song, what an amazing voice, such a wonderful man. For many of us living in America today, when Christmas rolls around we don't always feel so wonderful, because we have to face the holiday season without the loved ones that are no longer part of this once "joyous holiday". I can still feel the pain of that first Christmas without my mother and my brother Dave, that still leaves a hole in my heart that sometimes seems to be mending with the passage of time.

Some people believe that as the years of our lives begin to pass, the pain we feel for the loss of our loved ones, will begin to ease, and that their passing will begin to make more sense to us. As I reflect on this belief, I must admit the pain seems to intensify at Christmas time, living in a deeper place within my heart and soul for most other holidays. Every time I listen to "Silent Night," I cry. There seems to be something more meaningful about Christmas time, when the pain seems to creep back up again, and begins to hurt a little more, some years more so than others.

To those of us who have been left behind, separated from our loved ones, I would like to say to you--- I feel your pain. I can also feel the joy of remembering the "good times" spent at Christmas, because at least once every year at this time, I can take a heartfelt trip down 'memory lane,' meeting my mom and brother Dave along the way, to once again remember the good times we had together. My heart goes out to you at this, so holy, yet so painful time of the year--- that your pain will begin to fade away some, as you feel the presence of God and your dearly departed loved ones. They will live in your heart forevermore, and if you sit in a quiet place and close your eyes, they will always only be a heartfelt memory away.
From my heart to yours:

Another day goes by and still the children cry, so put a little love in your heart, it's Christmas. Take a good look around, and if you are looking down, put a little love in your heart, and the world will be a better place for you and me and everyone around us. I hope when you decide, God's love and kindness will be your guide. Remember to give lots of love and your presence to as many people as you can during the Christmas season, because 'memory lane' is just a one way street.

Merry Christmas Mom,
Merry Christmas Dave,
Merry Christmas Jason Brave Heart,
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Merry Christmas to everyone

Hopefully everyone's heart will be filled with the true meaning of the word "Christmas," the everlasting birth of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Has America Gone Kerflooey?

Being a patriotic American is no easy task these days. It appears that all I hear and read about this great nation of ours is that we are falling apart. Do you think this is true? Let's take a close look at this presumption, not only a discourse felt by Americans but also by those around the world. This is a difficult assumption to defend, given the current events that play out daily across our homeland.

What got me thinking about this a whole lot more than I usually do, was a word that was used by someone I read about in an article just the other day, who said,--America has gone "kerflooey." So, I decided to Google the word to find out a little bit more of it's meaning. It's first known use was back in 1918, and probably originated right here in the U.S. I assume that things were going a little bit "kerflooey" back then as well. If we take a look back in American history, we may find an answer to that question.

As we take a closer look at the word kerflooey, we find many synonyms to define it's true meaning. Words such as broken, defective, fallen apart, gone to pieces, haywire, inoperable, not functioning, on the fritz, out of kilter, rundown, shot, and wrecked, just to name more than a few. Enough said, you get the picture.

Being a patriotic American and to witness these feelings both here on our homeland and abroad, presents an arduous task to those who choose to defend her honor. I would personally say to the unpatriotic, those of you who like throwing stones at her, to be watchful of the birth of the new United States Of America.

What seems to be a dead end to some, is just another place to turn around for those of us who choose to maintain her liberty and freedom---the bedrock of her birth.

No, she hasn't gone kerflooey, it just appears that way sometimes; just keep that watchful eye. She has always been, and will continue to be, "the lead dog."

May liberty and freedom keep on ringing loud and clear, its driving catalyst always being peace. And the United States of America is always in the driver's seat.

America--- love her, and keep on loving her, for we are all she's got.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Let Us Be Grateful

Being grateful is one of the greatest gifts we have to share with others every day of our lives. Let us not forget daily we need to be grateful that we :

-Are alive
-Can see
-Can breathe
-Can hear
-Can speak
-Can eat
-Can drink
-Can smell
-Can touch
-Can think
-Can sing
-Can read
-Can love unconditionally
-Can receive unconditional love

We must wake up every day and be grateful for:
-Dante Gaetano
-Life coaches
-Pastors and Preachers
-Quiet Angels
-Kind strangers
-Joy givers
-Peace makers
-The glory of nature
-Lovable pets
-Food on the table
-A roof over our heads, especially one that is not leaking
-Finding life's purpose
-Praying and worship
-Being able to experience love and to give it to someone else
-God's grace
-Finding hope
-Childhood memories
-Remembering that first kiss
-Choosing to forgive

As you already know, there are so many more things to be grateful for. Add your own gratefulisims, it will change your life, and without a doubt change someone else's.

I am grateful to you for taking the time to read my posts.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Call to Peace

There are times throughout American history when conflicts that exist are of such intensity that they create human suffering. In order to remain aligned to the solutions of these conflicts, we must indeed get to the very root of the causes of these conflicts. Upon achieving this goal, we may encounter peace.

Currently, latent hostility and suspiciousness between nations is coming to the forefront , thus creating great strife between peoples and within nations themselves. We can look to the recent tensions between the U.S.and Moscow as an example.

Such is the time we are in now- a time in which our collective hostilities toward each other must be put to rest. What effects our nation ultimately effects the rest of the world, and to this end we must be the catalyst of peace among nations of the world. We must make this our destiny.

War is not the inevitable solution to this problem, particularity when other solutions to peace abound within our daily grasp. War is never a good solution to division or hostility.

We are, today, living at a time at which another war could break out without much prompting, perhaps by some just using the wrong interpretation to one's meaning of God, or who is the true God.

We must begin to find a way of speaking the dialogue that will strike a mutual accord, leading us down the road to peace and unity as our final destination.

At this time in America it is not possible to know where this inception of peace will begin, but it is in the air, even at this moment, it just needs to be prodded by those of us who choose to give peace a chance.

We must pray as a nation at this present time for an earth that is struggling with the pains to give birth to a new way of life. We need to try to understand and find the oneness of all of our hearts before it is too late.

I believe a new beginning is about to arrive, being delivered upon a stream of love, hope, and peace.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Be A Voice--Not An Echo

Probably at least once in everyone's life they take advantage of an opportunity to hear an echo of their own voice. Its a pretty identifying experience that makes you listen carefully to hear your voice coming right back at you. Most of us probably shouted only one word, a word we felt good about, bouncing back from a distance. I would best imagine the word used most often was the word "hello." We must always remember the echo always came back to us much softer than we sent it out, usually shouting at the top of our lungs. It makes much more sense when we arrive at an opportunity to shout out to defend our patriotism here in the U.S., we choose to be a voice, not an echo.
Our forefathers shouted out many messages delivered upon solid rocks that today seem only to be an echo to most of us who choose to call ourselves patriotic Americans. Those solid rocks upon which their messages were delivered are turning into pebbles of loose sand--- and we are sinking. It takes a solid American standing on solid ground to shout out the message that we have to take back the America that we love, so that those who gave up their lives for liberty and freedom did not die in vain----that their voices will still be heard. These were patriots of America that were loud voices, not weak echos of today, because it was upon the strength of their convictions that made America a great nation a long time ago. Today, we can make this a better nation, together we can make for a better world, "just me and you."

Those voices that have been heard throughout American history seem to be silent, laid to rest with those who gave up their lives for a nation coping with the uncertainty that lied ahead of them. What we hear most today are the voice's of those whom seem set on taking away our freedoms and our liberty.

Maybe we should all take a journey to the battlegrounds and graveyards of all of our ancestral fallen soldiers, sit there in silent anticipation; and if we listen closely with our hearts, we may hear the voices of liberty and freedom echoing from the not-so-distant past.
All we can see is the struggle. When are we to shake off the heavy chains that seem to be weighing us down to be a voice, a voice of a strong and peaceful future for our children. The question we must ask ourselves is how long is this struggle going to last?

Stand tall and be a powerful voice for what you believe in, even if you stand alone..
It is not in the stars that hold our destiny but in ourselves -- William Shakespeare

Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Way Out

Being an old hippie allows me to take a trip without the help of self-induced drugs, back to one of the best parts of that well-documented era in my opinion: the music. One of the most outstanding groups to me at that time was the Allman Brothers Band. Today, I was listening to one of their greatest hits "One Way Out," and it got me to thinking about a realistic and doable solution as to how we can get out of the mess we are in here in the United States, before there is really no turning back. This seems to be a belief which seems to be shared by the majority of Americans and others around the world. This philosophy that way too many people seem to believe in, is that we have moved beyond the 'tipping point,' and there is no hope to turn things around. On the other side of the 'tipping point' many believe lies a highway that will lead us to a future that looks bleak, with only hopelessness and despair to look forward to.

I believe there is a way out of this misguided collision with disaster, the solution living inside each and every one of us living in this great country. The solution is a simple one; but it will have a hard beginning, allowing a challenging first step. All we have to do to get this country started in the right direction is begin to make a conscious effort to take a "step back" and begin to look at our lives as if we were looking at life under a microscope. What I mean by this is that we must choose individually to begin to take a much broader look at our lives. This event will become the very beginning of self-discovery, which is the most important first main ingredient. Individually, we have to begin the process of discovering who we are and what's most important to us as a society as a whole. As a society of people who realize the importance of helping others, we will become the catalyst to the discovery that together as the (we), things will begin to change for the better for the whole. We must seek out others, and open the book of there lives, because therein lies the best stories that sometimes are never to be written. It reminds me of a quote that I have always remembered from a long time ago--"When someone dies, a library burns."

This first step will be a difficult, almost agonizing one for most of us, because we have to have to find the faith to believe that by doing this, things will begin to get better, and that we then have become a part of the solution to the new rebirth of a 'renewed' nation. This 'new' leadership will be led by the new leaders; the 99%, us. Yes, hard to believe that 'we the people', working and believing together, will be in the drivers seat of our destiny, not in the back seat where those in power really believe we belong. 1% is an extremely small number, and who needs them anyway? They would like us to believe that with their leadership they will lead the way to prosperity, dignity, and liberty, while in reality they are heading us down a dead end road -----but let me tell you this for sure-- a dead-end is just another place to turn around.

To make this work we must first take a small step back, look around us, look inside ourselves, and discover who we are and what we are really capable of. We must begin to understand the process it will take for us to feel the pain of others, and it is time we replant the seeds of love and peace that were planted a long, long time ago, by those who were here before us. We must allow them to be a part of who we are. At that precise moment we will begin to take a long look ahead and actually begin to create our own future. Our future is now, and it's waiting just around the corner, just around the bend in the road.  If we look hard enough we will see the sign that says--"This Way Out."

We must face this confrontation with extreme possibility.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Renewing The Soul Of America

The vision of the future that many people in America carry today is not one of hope, but one of despair. That's because the ideals upon which this proud nation once stood, are being undermined by ruthless practices. This  provide a separation from the high ideals of democratic functioning. Nevertheless, the hope for America's future still lies within these ideals.The virtues are embedded in her foundation, and the practices that were born out of her soul.

This hope cannot and will not be found in the practices that have corrupted her willingness to compromise these virtues because it would diminish her power. Nor does it lie in the sense of entitlement that has taken hold of an over consuming public. What once was the envy of the world, has become because of its indigenous greed, a nation looked upon with sadness,with little hope of a bright future. We must make this a picture of a "new emotional" awakening, not a rude awakening to the facts.

The new awakening of America's consciousness is about to take hold , the new desire to be a source of peace, not a source of war----a voice to sing the praises of our new message of national integrity, morality, peace, and empathy. We will call her voice "Spark America U.S.A."

This longing for a renewal of our most precious attributes beats stronger and stronger, increasingly in the hearts of those who choose to be the carriers of this new idealism that seems to be ever present at this time. This new heartbeat in America will not come easy. It may take a long time and it may be agonizing, but it must become the new soul of our nation.

We must, at this time in America's history, begin to rewrite the history books to show the soul of our nation began today to strengthen and show other nations we are of one vision and purpose; that being the noble nation of peace, leadership, and prosperity.

We must lead the change.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Little Park That Is

In the world today there seems to be a disbelief that global peace is a possibility. It is possible, you just have to believe it. The belief I share with millions of others living here in the United States and around the globe who are believers, is based on the realization that we are already in the beginnings of an era that shouts for global peace-- all we need to do is choose to be connected to one another. Sometimes peace seems impossible to obtain, almost like a puzzle with just one piece missing. If we could just find the missing piece, worldwide peace could become reality. Just when we feel like giving up, along comes the final piece of the puzzle that galvanizes that connection, so that peace will be the leader out of a current disengaging process, that seems to be leading us down the road to total isolation--- which is not a good destination. The worldwide web is the final piece of the puzzle that just happened to show up at the right time in history, to become that connector that will allow world peace to become possible. What is still missing is the belief that it begins with the "one." My "one" just happens to be a young man who we shall call "Patrick."

Please allow me to give you an example of how two young men in upstate New York have planted the seeds of peace here in the United States, that have already spread to a wonderful country called the Netherlands. Tucked away behind a fire station in the city of Syracuse N.Y. lies a very small city park, which is home to a 9/11 Memorial, and a testimonial bolder etched with the names of two young children who perished in a fire not long ago--- both memorials belonging to this beautiful park, appropriately named "Sheridan First Responders Park." Through a short chain of events, my first responder, Patrick Collins, reached out to his life long friend Hunter Lare, to become an integral part of a peace movement to begin in the U.S., beginning with a beautification project for the "little park that is," but most importantly, it is because they believe that through their efforts of working together on this small plot of U.S. soil, they may inspire others to come to experience the exhilarating feeling one gets when being a catalyst for world peace. Once you have had this experience, it becomes a part of who you are, and gives you a personal platform to build on. This is one of the many reasons good things happen to good people.

Through our efforts of reaching out to others here in the U.S., we have become Collaborative Partners with "World Peace Is Possible" in the Netherlands, thus providing others with a great example of just how powerful the belief that we can spread and sustain world peace by just planting two seeds in a small park, can begin to spread peace around the world.

These seeds will give us a beginning, a connection, and an example that will lead to an understanding that world peace is possible.
Take it from Patrick and Hunter and "the little park that is".
Please feel free to join in and create a world at peace.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Social Change--The Time Is Now

It is time in America that we understand that we have the power and resources within us to spark social change. There seems to be the mindset that lies within too many people that this is an impossibility, and cannot be done. This is a direct result of the dire warnings we are getting from all the wrong sources and we continue to believe what they keep telling us. We need to seek out the measurable data that shows us how, for one example, to increase empathy in our children. We need to be more understanding and learn why we do what we do, and the best way to begin is not to form our opinions about what we can and can not do, based just upon "big" news stories. We need to continuously dig deeper into ourselves to find the right and effective answers.

Is it possible to prevent child abuse, bullying, and chronic homelessness? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Allow me to give you just one example.

The first line of defense to prevent bullying of course begins in the home. We can reduce bullying in schools right away by increasing students' readiness to learn. Teachers need more time to teach in the classroom, and schools need to increase recess time in order for children to learn how to control their impulses and bad behavior, so they will learn how to get along better with others. This along with more frequent visits to the gym will teach them how to resolve their differences peacefully. We now have well-conducted studies that will reveal that these approaches, when instituted, work.

We need to get smarter about the way we address social issues, and create meaningful dialogue that will ultimately lead to the action that is necessary that will reveal the quantifiable results of the fruits of our labor.

We need to recognize that a key to social change is is to turn great ideas into great organizations led by dynamic leaders, and delivering the results we strive for. It will be upon this bedrock built by future pioneers, that we may find the entrepreneurs who are passionate and driven enough to build these social change institutions.

Through the efforts and needs of scores of organizations that build a coordinated effort to agree on the same principles and measurable goals, working side by side, will it then be possible to begin to achieve the necessary awareness to the ultimate goal, world peace.

World peace-it's a good thing and it is possible. Let us begin to get the job done. We need you.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The American Flag Revisited

In America today, there seems to be a lack of understanding as to why we should teach our children,  that the flag of the United States of America is where all of us need to pledge our allegiance. To understand the importance of this homage, we must first understand it's symbolism.

Originally the symbol and banner of the thirteen colonies, its form and colors, were not chosen on the basis of rational thought. But on the basis of an intuition infused by truth and guidance, which led to the correlation between the people, and that flag America came to call her own. It was on intention that the founders of this great nation, that we it's citizens be ordained the watchful and guiding eye over it's destiny.
At the time of her birth, America's flag was simply bands of red and white, and a circle of stars against a background of blue. Yet, in it's simplicity, lay a depth of meaning and purpose. 
The red is emblematic of the blood, that was shed in the war that led to the establishment of our independent republic. The white stripes that accompany the red, signifies the higher realms of purpose that connects mankind.

Finally, the blue background against which the stars are placed, is a symbol of the eternal being of God. It represents the Infinite, out of which both America's identity and the earth itself has been constructed. The blue that represents America's relationship to God, remains as the assurance that this connection will never change-no matter what ideology becomes popular. It's why "In God We Trust" is written on all of her currency, and why in so many other instances, the connection with the eternal has been enunciated as part of America's most transcendent document.

The stars on the blue background, identifies the composite image showing the many changes from thirteen original colonies, to now representing the much vaster size of fifty states. The number of stars in the original pattern was shaped in the form of a circle, a symbol of unity. This flag of America is the hallmark of her sacred heart. Her soul is a nation whose spiritual name is love.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Majority Of One

Under the spreading Chestnut tree the village smithy stands. The Smith, a mighty man is he with large and sinewy hands, and the muscles of his brawny arms are as strong a iron bands; 'Henry Wadsworth Longfellow'. This was a man who because of his large masculine and muscular stature and inner strength,  could be considered a 'majority of one'.

There are times and places in American history when one's voice needs to be heard above the outcry of those who choose to take this great nation in another direction. This need to cry out is not a call to put down others way of thinking, but to maintain and preserve ones integrity for believing they also can in time, become a 'majority of one'. These beliefs by which one lives can only be changed by the changing of one's inner perspective. We must begin to turn our eyes and hearts towards one another, thus opening a door that is a home to peace and harmony.

To become a 'majority of one' is to replace other people's reliance as to the number of people who possess the same point of view, by the single depth of commitment of the one. Many times, we do not hear those who speak with a firm, but small gentle voice. Together, this small and gentle voice connected to the many, will ring loud and clear across our land to those afar, who may be listening.

Instead of looking to outer space for answers we need to begin the personal journey into inner space. We need to move away from the majority of numbers to the 'majority of one'.

To that end the 'majority of one' is not an isolated individual, but one who is committed to the future of humanity and through this commitment and firm conscience, will rise out of the depths of spirituality to become the voice of truth and understanding. Isolation is not a good destination.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jason--A Brave Heart

Sometimes we feel pain and sorrow. This suffering can make life unbearable, at times seem hopeless. With our hearts filled with despair, we ask the question, why do bad things happen to good people? We need an answer. I believe that in the death of Jason a brave heart, we will find that answer. But first we must seek our inner child, the gateway to God. It lies there within. There are many of us who never knew Jason, but there is a lesson to be learned from his death. that will help to carry on his memory, not only to those who knew him and loved him as a friend, but to his loving and dedicated mother who will carry this tremendous loss and his brave heart deep inside her own aching heart for life eternal. It is only through pain, loss, and suffering that we can move forward to experience what we may call a true and abundant life.

My belief is that bad things happen to good people because it forces us to move forward in life to become a better person, to give more of ourselves to others, and helps us to move closer to finding a reason for our existence. Many of us will choose to seek and ultimately find God. Others may go through life never seeking the answer to this ubiquitous question. When we move through this process called life, we become closer to finding out who we are and why we are here. Jason's death will make everyone who knew him a better person because he left a part of  him to live forever in their hearts. Because of his death it forces those who knew and loved him into seeing their own mortality, hopefully building their own personal relationship with the creator. To those who never got to become a part of his life, could we all not move forward in our own lives, just knowing a beautiful young man has gone before us, a brave heart, knowing that his life on earth would soon be through. Because his life on earth has passed us, don't let not knowing Jason prevent us from seeing the beauty and purpose of his life, and what life has to offer everyone who seeks it. Cherish life, if not for Jason's sake, but for your own. May Jason's life and death bring you closer to finding your own personal answer to this difficult question.

I wish we all could have been a part of Jason's life, knowing him would have made our lives much richer, coming to the realization that death is a part of life; the door to eternal life. For in life it matters not where you started, it matters where you end. At times in life we are in such a hurry to get to the top, only to realize that when we get there, only love is worth finding. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to have been a part of his life, to have been able to be connected to his spirit. It is well with his soul.

America has lost a beautiful brave heart; may Jason's love for life live in our hearts forever. May the love seed he planted grow to extend to every corner of the earth. If there is no seed, there is no plant, if there is no plant there can be no harvest. Somos el mundo.

In his death, he has brought me closer to God. I can only imagine what it must have been like for him to come face to face with his heavenly father.

Sleep in heavenly peace Jason brave heart, your life will remain in our hearts until we meet again.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

When Freedom Rings--Answer The Call

There is a call going out across America and the question that must be asked to anyone who chooses to answer the call is: what is it about the concept of freedom and autonomy that we don't seem to be getting.  The true spirit of democracy and freedom we have inherited from our ancestors seems to have disappeared from the soil that has soaked up the blood from those who went to battle, and lost their lives to protect and pass on to future generations, their acceptance of the principals upon which this nation was founded. The call is going out and we all need to have the right answer to this question. The call must be answered and it must be answered now. The time has come to teach others through our actions, that freedom is something to be cherished and that it is sacred. For freedom to be taken for granted is unacceptable.

For those of us who choose to perpetuate this freedom we cherish, we must not let the distractions forced upon us by the National news and social media infiltrate the tender and easily manipulative minds of our youth. Freedom does not give us the right to do 'just as we please'.Young people are bombarded with mindless chatter, meaningless drivel, portraying the typical American family as if we were a bunch of vacuous nit-wits. We understand freedom is something to cherish and must never allow liberticide. We must have meaningful conversations with them, while ringing the bell of freedom.We must walk the talk.

We must stand together, united in our commitment, that through our actions, we must deliver the true meaning of the word "freedom" to our youth; so that on their shoulders and in their hearts, they may pass on this true meaning of freedom to future generations.

The call is a free one, the only cost is the giving of yourself to deliver the message.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

Today is a day to remember, reflect, and to be grateful for the blessing of liberty and a multitude of other human comforts left behind by Americans that have given their lives, so that we who are the survivors, may carry on their dreams that died when they died. Their voices still speak to those loved ones they left behind--their voices must be heard by us.

May their unfulfilled dreams of a future shared with loved ones, living in a nation with boundless opportunities; the most precious being living with the freedom to live your life as we choose with the promise that we may live our live's in peace, forever live in our hearts.

Let us begin to build this bridge of hope and peace on this very day, and every day, from this remarkably important day forward.

Unselfishly we do this for all the right reasons.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trouble in Paradise

One of the most interesting movies I would recommend to add to your list of "must see," would be the 1932 Ernst Lubitsch classic; 'Trouble In Paradise.' Engaging you through the entire move is a stellar list of accomplished actors,  including Herbert Marshall, Miriam Hopkins, Kay Francis, Edward Everett Horton, and Charles Ruggles. This collection of actors were no doubt some of  the first Hollywood cinema "Fashionistas", forever setting the standard for Hollywood glitz and glamour. The title of this move is what got me thinking about that phrase; and I began asking myself, if there ever could be a place called paradise, what would it be like? Put that in your thinking cap someday.

There are too many people living in the U.S. today that seem to think they are by definition, "living in paradise". Paradise is a place that exists that is harmonious, with contentment, and abundant peace. What it is not necessarily, is a place of luxury and idleness. In the United States today we are far from living and demonstrating to the rest of the world, the true meaning of the word "paradise". It is about time we started down the path to this place we may call paradise, while we still have time. We don't know where we are going, and seem to be in a very big hurry to get there. This is not the compass that will lead us down the road to find utopia.

Yes, there is lot's of "trouble in paradise" existing here, right now, today. We must not take this "trouble" with us into the future, knowing the future is now. This is one tremendous weight we cannot carry on our shoulders, most particularly on the shoulders of the youth of America, their shoulders and backs just aren't strong enough. We have created this trouble and we need to lead these "future pioneers" down a road that will even give them a glimpse of what paradise should look like. This is not a snapshot that can wait to be developed.

We may not ever achieve the true meaning of 'living in paradise,' but wouldn't it be a wonderful vision to look forward to and dream about? What's the harm in dreaming anyway, many dreams have happy endings.

As in the movie "Trouble In Paradise," this journey we are on as a nation, can also have a happy ending. Just watch the ending of this great movie.

The choice belongs to you, and only you.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

An Anguished Heart To Australia

Evil and cowards come in all colors. Evil is just plain evil. This beast reared it's ugly head in America again, all too recently, committing a cowardly and senseless act of violence upon a young Australian baseball player attending college in Oklahoma.

Sometimes there is an act of senseless violence that seems to almost make our heads explode with total disbelief, and yes in this case , make us angry as well.To make a conscious decision to pick out a innocent, defenseless young man, shooting him in the back while he is out for a jog, is the ultimate unimaginable act of thugs, who have no business to be given leniency, hopefully to be given a new residence in a state prison as their new home address for at least the next 50 years.

 This heinous act makes no sense at all, leaving our hearts filled with anguish, while trying to find just one possible reason or motive that would justify or offer a reasonable explanation.We,the real loving and caring  people of the  United States of America, while considering ourselves to be a beacon of hope and compassion, are outraged by this cowardly act.

On behalf of the millions of loving and caring Americans, we would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the people of your country, and to the family of their lost son; we pray. We are a nation set in turmoil at this time in our short history, noting that there is no excuse for the act of violence towards one of your young men, who had such a bright future ahead of him. Sadness has filled our hearts.

This new seed beacon of hope, compassion, and love has been planted here in a small corner of the United States, seemingly at this time fostering it's message far below the national media radar. We shall be called the "Mighty Ones." This apologetic message to all Australian citizens for this pernicious act, should have immediately come out of an oval office, delivered by a voice of truth and justice, but it was not. That voice is not our voice. We are the voice of Americans who welcome others from other countries with open arms, pledging  and extending our love, friendship, and Americanism to them. We are the ones filled with compassion and justice from the bottom of our hearts. From our hearts comes the message to others who step onto American soil, that you are always welcome here for we consider you fellow Americans, as if this were the land in which you were born.

May love build a bridge between your hearts and ours.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Starting Over

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a Nation and it's citizens to take a good look at the road that lies ahead, it should be looked at with clear and present danger. It also could be looked at as a future pioneer should; that we really need 'to start all over.' These "pioneers" have an enormous encounter facing them -- a close encounter of the fourth kind. The highway of wisdom and understanding will be a bumpy one, with potholes filled with doubt and unbelief.
In order to prevent the total collapse of our great Nation, we must figure out a way to make everything we have made bad, made good, and everything we have created that's good, make it better. What is imperative is to begin to create a new generation of American citizens who sincerely care for the well being of others. This is not a "new reality,' it was even  being discussed by one of our greatest first ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt. The time has come to not just discuss, but to take action and put our money where our future begs to stay alive.

In order to spark this enormous undertaking, a new leader or leader's must show up to "jump start" our new generous, caring, loving generation. It certainly will not be coming from Washington D.C. any time soon-- it will be a common man, a "Mighty Man," who will rise to the occasion, carrying honesty, integrity, honor, and human core values on his enormous shoulders. He is here now, and is living among us and has already begun this arduous task. How will you recognize this future trailblazer? Open your eyes wide, keep them peeled, and he will show up when you least expect it.

Starting all over, a new beginning is begging to get started. We CAN do this, we are still the greatest "new" nation on the planet, "The United States Of Americans."

God bless Americans, Americans must bless God.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


In America today, right now, we have everything necessary to bring peace and prosperity to our Republic, with the exception of one key ingredient; "YOU."

It's time to stand up and show up.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A New Basis For Peace

What may seem obvious to most people, but really isn't, is that one nation cannot bring peace through waging war, or even through maintaining peace armaments. Such armaments only maintain a temporary peace based in fear of reprisals.

The world has not yet come to the conclusion that the inner motivation toward peace can and must be altered to institute a trust among nations towards a healing capacity of love.These things are considered luxuries or Utopian hopes at times of peace, but not the necessary foundation of trust between nations. For as long as fear of reprisals exists , nations who feel insecure of the trust of other nations will seek to develop a mightier armament of power.

But what of a world in which all could feel safe? A world in which all can feel safe can only be ensured by fostering the motivation within each heart to turn toward hope, peace, and respect as a way of meeting others with the anticipation of finding common ground.

We must ask ourselves these two questions; how can we create peace, and is it possible to do so? Such a vision of unity is the only firm foundation for peace and is based in the trust that all hearts want the same thing. To pursue this, we must begin to lay down our arms and allow the language of love to replace the language of war.

This shift in outlook may show slow results, but it will show results if we are patient and trustful.

Love breeds the presence of love as it moves from heart to heart and expands outward into the world.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

In Our Time---The Time Is Now

The time has come to take a profound look at American history that may open our eyes as to what has become necessary. That necessity is to immediately take the individual steps to align our great nation towards a path that will begin to help us identify who we are and where we are going.
Think about this. If we were to encapsulate every event that has taken place in America from the first footprints that stepped on our hallowed land to this day, we must ask ourselves this one question; is this the best we as Americans can do?

Take as little time as you need to answer this question and if your answer is no, I suggest you start putting one foot in front of another, and find someone that needs help and help them.

Yes, the time has come.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Silverado----Great Western--Great Message

Silverado is a shoot-um-up American western (1985) and features an ensemble cast, including Kevin Klien, Kevin Kostner, Danny Glover, and Scott Glenn, to round off the group of cowboys who captured and portrayed collectively the true meaning of the words "Men of Might." Not only is this a great movie to watch, it is embedded in an awesome scenic pallet and first class acting; it embodies the term "Mighty Men."

Following a series of  close encounters, these four desperado's form aTitanium male bond that allows their combined efforts, to get revenge on the "bad guys." You could say this is a "Bonanza" style western on steroids. Ben and his sons brought peace and  justice with kindness and understanding, the four cowboys of Silverado, established justice with blazing rapid gunfire, while sitting atop four great steed's with blazing saddles.

Unfortunately in the American landscape today there seems to be a huge shortage of men who will insist on sticking together like glue, not coming unglued. What we need is a current man generation who will showcase the examples of what it means to be an American man, to the generation of young men that seem to have their holsters filled with weapons of mass distraction.

This is a must see classic American western to watch while being witness to a great "got your back" movie.
We can only hope and pray the producers will serve us up a part deux.

Until then " ride um' cowboy", maybe I will see you at the OK Corral. (Tombstone 1993)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Letting Go Of The Past---Is This The Answer

There seems to be a great debate in America which begs to ask the question; should we seize the future and let go of the past. This question really has no simple answers or no one single answer, because some of the answers will likely bring up more questions. Like all debates, we need to take as much time that is required to realistically come to an answer that will make sense to those who choose to be part of this debate: it is an extremely important one, arguable the most important question we should be asking ourselves.

What we must ask ourselves is what do we believe is worth saving from the past history of this great Republic. The moral foundation that led us to become the great nation we were, and still can be again? Do we give up the strength of our nation, being the Constitution, the road map of ideals and moral code which guides us to live an enriched and peaceful life, or do we chuck it to the wind and seize a future without this invaluable compass life document.

The biggest problem we face as a nation to answer this question is that no one seems to have a clear vision or understanding of what this can mean for this country we call home. Do we possess a strategy for knitting together this coalition of "future pioneers" who honestly believe that they are already creating the future for us? I think not. If we take what we should have learned from the entire history of the United States to this day, I would ask every citizen one question. Is this the best we can do?

If we are to look to the future, we must not just re-craft this argument for a generation that doesn't even speak the language of the past, nor do they accept many of it's values, we need to become their guide. We cannot guide them to a optimistic future without attaching the the best that our past has to offer.

The future is now. If not now, when?