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Friday, June 28, 2013

Letting Go Of The Past---Is This The Answer

There seems to be a great debate in America which begs to ask the question; should we seize the future and let go of the past. This question really has no simple answers or no one single answer, because some of the answers will likely bring up more questions. Like all debates, we need to take as much time that is required to realistically come to an answer that will make sense to those who choose to be part of this debate: it is an extremely important one, arguable the most important question we should be asking ourselves.

What we must ask ourselves is what do we believe is worth saving from the past history of this great Republic. The moral foundation that led us to become the great nation we were, and still can be again? Do we give up the strength of our nation, being the Constitution, the road map of ideals and moral code which guides us to live an enriched and peaceful life, or do we chuck it to the wind and seize a future without this invaluable compass life document.

The biggest problem we face as a nation to answer this question is that no one seems to have a clear vision or understanding of what this can mean for this country we call home. Do we possess a strategy for knitting together this coalition of "future pioneers" who honestly believe that they are already creating the future for us? I think not. If we take what we should have learned from the entire history of the United States to this day, I would ask every citizen one question. Is this the best we can do?

If we are to look to the future, we must not just re-craft this argument for a generation that doesn't even speak the language of the past, nor do they accept many of it's values, we need to become their guide. We cannot guide them to a optimistic future without attaching the the best that our past has to offer.

The future is now. If not now, when?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Eye's Have It

In America today it seems we have a contagious virus going around that is preventing us from having  meaningful dialog; let us call it -- try not to look a stranger in a eye's syndrome. The real problem here is we don't seem to have a solution to this disorder and we certainly don't just want to "pop a pill" to cure this spreading dilemma.

One thing I can suggest to combat this disorder for good is to pretend that if you choose to look directly into a persons eyes , you could possibly be saving their life. Let me explain. When you have direct contact with another human you both get an opportunity to smile at one another. Even if the other person doesn't smile first, their immediate response will undoubtedly be a smile with a return message to you. Now you have just opened the door of opportunity to begin having meaningful conversation. The eyes are the conductors of change, but first in order to initiate the process; eye contact would be the first step.

Eye contact always seems to happen when we look into a child's eyes because they see the world around them as a happy and secure place and seem to be born wearing a smile. They have not yet been misled to believe that strangers are someone to be afraid of. Could this be the reason we adults never initiate eye contact?

You need to seek your own answer to this question, but in the meantime put a smile on your face, for you could possible be saving someone's life.

Do it today and every day for the rest of your life, it will do more good than you could possibly imagine.
Besides it's much easier than painting a smile on your face every day.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Reflecting On Fathers Day

Fathers day is a great opportunity for fathers and their families to reflect on what it really means to be a dad. It's like looking into a mirror of life and reflecting on the father you see staring back at you. Hopefully, what will be mirrored back is an image of a man who has always been a great man, who has also become a great father, leader, and role model for his family and all those who step into his life space.

Every child that is born has a father, and even though he is only one half of the beloved event, his role is none the less vital to the foundation of the family, a virtual cornerstone. Not undermining the vital role a mother adds to the stability and love to a family, a father's role has to be that of a man who is loving, understanding, compassionate, forgiving, and all of the other ingredients it takes to be the "lead dog."

A few days ago I was reminded of how important a fathers love is to his daughter. Listening to an awesome young woman in my life describe how meaningful and important the words "I love you" that she heard her father say to her, set off an avalanche of memories of my daughter telling me how much she loved her dad. Those three words are paramount in building that bridge of love between a father and daughter; no other words could ever be more powerful or meaningful.

Like all the other special days we celebrate in America, Fathers Day should be celebrated every day, like an echo, directed back to it's point of origin.

If you are fortunate enough to have a "Mighty Man" father, tell him you love him every day, chances are he didn't hear it from his father very often, if ever. When a father looks in the mirror of life, make sure he has 'I love you" reflecting back at him.

Some things you just can't take to the bank.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Unconditional Love--The Bridge To Peace

Have you ever felt like you have lost your way in life, and can't seem to get on the right path to find peace and happiness? I would like to say to you, give love unconditionally and you will create a love path right back at you. That love path will enable you to, if you choose, to build a bridge of love everlasting. When you listen to the mindless chatter and meaningless drivel, coming out of the mouths of the media talking heads, all you hear is doom and gloom and too many really big words they use to describe the bad things that are going on all around us every day. We are extremely aware of all the negative stories and I say enough is enough. We need to change all of this and we can, yes we can, and please don't listen to anyone who will  tell you that you can't! Recognize them as being a participant in perpetuating the problem.

Enter two powerful words, when put together spell unconditional love. Both words by themselves have their own special  meaning, put them together you get life. Two words that are the essence of the driving force that we all must possess in order to bring peace to our species. The debate worldwide has come down to this one question; why are we here? If it is to love one another, from where does this unconditional love come from, and if we find that source, will it encapsulate the spark to ignite us to deliver this love to one-another? This is a question you must ask yourself right now, today.

The secret is to discover the path that will lead  us to the understanding of why this is even necessary. To coin a phrase from long ago, the answer could be as close as the nose on your face. It could also be buried deep within your heart.

The time to face it is now.
Unconditional love will build a bridge between your heart and mine.
The time is upon us now to build our own bridges of love.
Then and only then will we know peace.
Love is life.
Life is love.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The New America--A New Vision and Promise

The New America is a vision that already exists within the hearts of those who were born here, and others who choose to seek our liberty and freedom from distant lands. This new vision is drawing nearer and stronger in the hearts that long to be a part of the truth, and the light that burns bright for freedom, the freedom bell that still rings loud and strong across the globe.

This new America will not emerge without struggle, but will be brought about on the strong back of knowledge, virtue, honor, and a hope once dashed upon the shores of those seeking all that comes with the gift of undeniable freedom. This America will rise on the shoulders of honor, and be uplifted by a heart that longs to serve the helpless, the downtrodden, and the needy.

This new Republic will give way to all that belongs to those who seek the right to live freely, belonging to the earth, as the earth belongs to us. This bounty will belong to all those who choose to seek and share it, living with tolerance that excludes no one, and a land in which all that are hungry will be fed.

Tolerance will be the new foundation in this new America, without gaining power over the less fortunate. Those who will be leaders must look inside themselves to discover that each one of us is a leader, just waiting to be discovered and recognized, the new engine that will empower those who choose to be in the drivers seat.

This new standard will be held high, excluding no one, and shall embrace all as one people.

Let us begin this very day to spark and ignite America's new spirit.