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Sheridan Park

Mission Statement

Tucked away just behind Fire Station #17 between Midler Ave S. and Nichols Ave, in the Eastwood section of Syracuse, exists the small but lovely plot of U.S. soil called Sheridan Park. Eastwood historian Margaret McVicker tells us that Sheridan park is named after Philip H. Sheridan, a General in the Civil War, and that before the stretch of road in front of the school that is now called Midler Avenue, it was known as Sheridan road. Because of the name of the road at that time, it became known as Sheridan road school. This first wooden school in Eastwood which was originally only four rooms, was later enlarged to eight rooms in 1915 to double its capacity. The building itself was located in the area surrounded by Nichols Avenue and South Midler Avenue, in the northeast section, closest to Nichols Avenue. This was an elementary school, but in 1916 received a charter to include high school classes. Margaret has many fond memories of Sheridan road--including the ice cream socials that were held each spring on the lawns of the school, with various classes contributing to the entertainment. By 1930 it was decided to close the school and build a new one on Sunnycrest Road, which is now Huntington school. Sheridan Road School was the last wooden school structure in Syracuse and is part of the Syracuse Park system being maintained by the Syracuse Park and Recreation Dept, Syracuse Parks Conservancy Inc.(Mike Behnke), myself, and numerous volunteers. Even though it is a small park, it requires frequent maintenance.  I personally have adopted this park, and with permission from the Parks and Rec, I have been looking for volunteers to help give the park "new life". Much of the work that has to be done can be completed in short visits. We have awaiting plantings in the spring, a butterfly garden, Breast Cancer garden, Autism garden, MS garden , as well as a small Rose garden. Stone work will also be applied around the already existing 911 Memorial, pictured below. Please consider being a part of this meaningful project, it will give you something to look forward to. If you would like to be a part of this rebirth, please contact me directly.
Drake Gaetano

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