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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seabiscuit--- Symbol Of Hope

Recently I had the pleasure of watching the movie Seabiscuit (2003) and at one moment in the film I came  to a realization. There is a distinct similarity to the lack of hope that existed in 1938 during the Great Depression and the lack of hope that exists in the United States today. The difference I discovered is that during the Great Depression there arose a horse and horse race that from the moment the two steeds dug their hoofs into the track that day of the match race, til the final strides that brought them to the finish line,  hope was restored to the multitudes after witnessing an undersized thoroughbred who was claimed to be an underdog, beat the mighty horse War Admiral who possessed Triple Crown winning power, by 4 gaping lengths. A great example that life sometimes seems like a horse race where we always seem to be racing to our own finish line.

Seabiscuit didn't look like much-small in stature, inauspicious, the butt of stable jokes, but possessed a heart that held the hope of the sea of humanity that watched the race that day at Pimlico from both sides of the track. There on that historical day at the track were forty thousand hopeful Americans, and millions all over the globe listening on the radio. This one event was the most electrifying and popular event in sports history in 1938, making it the most popular news story of that day ahead of FDR, Hitler and Mussilini.

What happened at that racetrack that day was something that was not supposed to happen. With the ring of the bell War Admiral, one of the quickest break away horses of his day, was supposed to take the early lead and finish the race with Seabiscuit only getting a perfect picture of Admiral's hind quarters and rear end. Instead and suddenly, the unanticipated event happened. It would be Seabiscuit would take the early lead on that fateful day, and when War Admiral did get neck and neck at the back stretch, the mighty Seabiscuit got a glimps of the Admiral's eyes and assumed the offensive. It was  jockey George Woolf the famed rider atop the mighty mount Biscuit who at that moment in history coined the phrase "so long Charlie". Seabiscit would not yield his destiny. When it came to the home stretch it was the heart of Seabiscuit that took him into overdrive and it was War Admiral who got to see what a great undersized Thoroughbred  looks like from the back end. When the race was over we may assume many thought they should change War Admiral's name to "Rear Admiral".

That anticipated race and the winner Seabiscuit secured the hope for the future that Americans were looking to find at that remarkably important time in American history. The hope that even a small person can overcome the odds and skepticism of the few, and find the heart and endurance to win the big race. Maybe today we will need another great horse race to bring us the hope we need because it seems a Presidential race will not foster that hope that will lead us to the finish line like the immortal Seabiscuit did.

May we all make it to the finish line in time together.

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