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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Gift Of Freedom----Priceless

Within the challenges that face Americans everyday lie the distractions that keep us from seeking where our freedoms came from, and why we need to be grateful for these freedoms. Seeking the truth to finding the answer to these questions will eliminate the need of weapons of mass distraction that lead us down the road to discover our true destiny. The destiny of America was not shaped by a few men who became the signers of the Declaration of Independence, it was shaped by all the people who partook in the separation from the British and arrived here infused with a higher purpose of hope  of what they could possibly become.

Today that hope and purpose is still the cry of many and needs to be heard. The freedom not to do what is best for us, but what is done for the hope of the many shall be the new song to be sung.The freedoms of today are as priceless as they were in the days of our ancestors who came here to build the bridges to these freedoms. Freedom is not just another word, it is what sustains us a nation and global community; it is not something you can take to the bank, it is something we can bank on, only if we choose to preserve it. Our only hope for an America at peace is to teach our children -not by just our words, but by our actions,  that when all freedom is lost, we will cease to survive.  After all, we need not look any farther than our history books to unlock the doors of many human events that have dared to try and rob us of one of our most precious reasons to exist.

Let us awaken to the need to protect and preserve the freedoms upon which America has been built and to propagate and protect the fundamental principals on which we stand.

Mighty rings the bell of freedom in America.

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