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World Peace is Possible

World Peace is Possible website HERE

Globalisation and the advantages of world peace
World Peace is Possible sees opportunities for a world without wars through globalisation. World economies are so interwoven and have become such a coherent whole that there is more and more awareness that large armed conflicts have harmful repercussions for the prosperity of the individual powers. There is mounting awareness that negotiations and collaboration produce more benefits that waging war. Increasingly more people realize that it is now possible to share the planet with each other without armed conflict. This change in our thinking can be accelerated further, if more and more people dare to believe that negotiation, collaboration, a more honest distribution of food and water among other things, and rational solutions for world problems are possible.
To seriously consider the opinion that world peace is possible
Our evolution is riddled with war and violence followed by periods of peace. That means that many of us still retain the conviction that a prolonged world peace is impossible. Even though war has always been abhorrent, it paid off in advantages for the victors: new territory, power, riches and security for their own people. Prosperity meant wisely utilizing the chances for peace, alternating with wisely waging war to defend it and to obtain riches and power. However the world situation is changing dramatically and it is therefore necessary to challenge the belief that a long-term or permanent world peace would be impossible. A world without war is more than a beautiful thought by a few idealists. There are real chances for humanity to realize this. Therefore the thought that world peace is possible can be seriously considered.
Internet and ‘people power’
World Peace is Possible sees opportunities for world peace though the increasing strength of ‘people power’ combined with the possibilities provided by the internet. Contact with other people wherever they are in the world has become self-evident due to the internet. Media, internet and increased mobility ensure the involvement of people wherever they are in the world. The power of the people who call for a just and honest world is steadily increasing. The heroes of today are no longer conquerors like Alexander the Great or Napoleon, but peace-makers like Mandela and Kofi Anan.
The efforts of organizations focused on an honest and just co-existence together
All over the world in countless ways institutions are providing their contribution directly and indirectly to world peace. The UN and the peace movement are very closely involved in this. Other organisations are contributing to world peace by focusing on the fight against poverty, observance of human rights, fairer distribution of prosperity, a liveable environment, equal opportunities for men and women, etc.
Continue the trend from more to fewer armed conflicts
The Ploughshares Monitor (see illustration at the top of this page) shows a declining trend in the number of armed conflicts and the number of countries that participated in these during the period 1987 to 2005. In spite of all the serious conflicts in the world this shows that all the efforts to reduce armed conflict, to end and take preventative action, are succeeding. Although this says nothing about developments in the long term and even if a more violent period should develop, this trend still shows that a reduction in the number of armed conflicts in the world is a possibility.
World peace, an opportunity and also a necessity
Given that there are opportunities to achieve a world without wars, and that ample intelligence, money, technology and communication opportunities are available for this and world peace is so important for the wellbeing and continued existence of humanity, then the message World Peace is Possible is very urgent. It is essential that more and more people aim to create a world where we can live together as a unified human race in peace and prosperity.

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