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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Got Your Back

Close your eyes, open your heart and try to picture this. You are watching your favorite evening national news show and they are telling you to stay tuned to view an awesome event. Please still keep your eyes closed and your heart open. They take you to Yankee Stadium on July 4 and begin a story that will make your eyes tear and your heart swell. Remember, eyes closed, open heart.
Dressed in only the clothes her mom could afford, a 12-year-old inner city girl starts to sing ”God Bless America.” Her voice immediately captures your full attention. As she sings the beloved words to this beloved song, your heart begins to swell with pride and tears come to your eyes as she delivers an awesome rendition of a song that represents our love for America.
Now take that pride and love for America that you feel at that point and keep it inside of you always, and let it shine from sea to shining sea. While the storm clouds gather far across the sea, let us swear an allegiance to a land that’s free.
By the way, to those of us who are old enough to remember, this young girl could be the next Kate Smith. We can only hope. Put your help where your hope is.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

We The People

It is apparent that in the United States today we seem to feel that the decisions coming out of Washington, D.C., are the decisions our nation’s leaders want us to believe in, and are trying to persuade us follow their lead.. They seem to be playing the game 'follow the leader', or in this case, don't follow the leaders. It is in my opinion that if we lead, the leaders will follow us and if this were to be true, that would make us leaders!
In the year 1776, in the great city of Philadelphia, the imperfect statesmen of the day, ratified and gave us the Declaration of Independence. Today, in Washington, D.C., the also not perfect Congress is trying to re-write the Constitutions true meaning, seemingly trying deliver another document called the Declaration of Dependency.
We the people need not be dependent on anyone, for it  is we the people who made this a great nation, and we can continue to make it an even greater nation than ever before. Within each of us lies the leadership it will take to do the right thing and be the example of the message that we need to send to Washington in order for them to wake from their restless sleep and begin to do the right thing. The right to live freely and to remain in charge of one's own destiny is not something that has been part of the human consciousness forever, but rather something that has developed through a long period of time and strife.

This awareness of this intrinsic freedom to define one's own values and existence, has been a progressive development. Our ancestors, in this growing need for freedom, had to endure many hardships to help them consider themselves more than just a nation hampered by lack of freedom of expression, to become a nation of one.

It is our God given historical right to determine what did and still to this day does enunciate by us,  as to what we the citizens need for the protection of our civil liberties. The birth of democracy in America must be preserved and nurtured for it was the first step forward for humanity.

Our decisions do not rain supreme across the land as decisions of perfection, but if we remain true to our forefathers principles, we will let every heart that what was once true to the ideals of our great nation, be filled with pride knowing the everlasting foundation for liberty and democracy within America, will remain true.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Day At The New York State Fair

While on my early morning walk in Eastwood recently, I had time to think about all the things I was going to do at the state fair — all the things that make the fair a great place to be. The food, the horse show, the Center of Progress Building, the entertainment, the Horticulture Building; I could go on forever. But as I continued walking and thinking about the oldest fair in the United States, I had no idea until I got there what the fair is really all about.
The people!
I personally got the opportunity to see my wife, Debbie, compete in one of the best horse shows in the country. As I strolled the fair, I now have the memory of watching my loving daughter and niece bestow their love upon my grandson.
Walking a little farther, I watched a blind girl and her loving mother strolling arm in arm. I could see this beautiful day and all it had to offer; the blind girl could not. I got to see the love in the eyes of parents who had brought their severely disabled son to enjoy a day at the fair. A senior man was fanning a baby he did not know, giving her a few minutes of cool air on a very hot day. The appreciation in the eyes of the parents was worth the price of admission. I got an opportunity to thank a state trooper for protecting me and my family every day of his life.
On the lighter side, I also came upon a young lady with every color of the rainbow – and then some – in her hair. A man with a braided beard. The main event at the fair: people watching!
The Great New York State Fair is not just about the multitude of wonderful things to do. It is really about the people. Next time you go to the fair, I hope you take the time and experience the best part.