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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Remember When... - In Memorial

Remember when:            

You were little and you were getting ready for you first day of school after a long, fun filled summer,
You were 16 and sat in the front seat behind the wheel of you first car, next to your dad,
You graduated from high school, with an opportunity to go to college,
you could go to the college of your choice,
you had an opportunity to voice your opinion on a particular subject, even though others disagreed with you,
you were a child and could get on your knees at night to say your prayers with out fear of retaliation,
you got your first kiss from your future date to the prom,
you went on a picnic with your parents, grilled out, and went for a swim in the lake - took a nap on soft green grass,
you and your family took your one and only automobile trip across the United States to get a glimpse of what it means to be an American,
you slept outdoors at night under the stars, among the firefly's, comfortable and safe in your own sleeping bag,
you got to go on to further your education so you and your family could experience the "good life",
you got to choose the church of your choice, to pray to a God in who you believe in,
you had the opportunity to disagree with someone, knowing it was your God given right to do so,
you realized for the first time in your life that there are people who have given their lives for your freedom.

We must always remember freedom does not come free --- EVER.

We live in a peaceful America for only one reason. Soldiers gave their lives for us. The peace we have is their proof in believing.

May we be eternally grateful to them every day of our lives.
May those heroes who are living, find God and peace in their lives.

May those who have lost their lives, rest in peace.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

America -Time To Reboot

OK, the first thing I want you to do is to shut down your computer, then reboot.
 Welcome back. What you just did was to experience what it takes to shut down and restart something, in this case, your computer. You made a conscious decision to allow an event to happen over which you had complete control. You created a situation that had to go back and start itself all over again, reconnecting itself along the way to a brand new start --- easy, wasn't it. Reboot to save America-- not so easy.

Why you ask did I request you to shut down and reboot?

Desperate times call for clear thinking and decisive action, and that means action of the affirmative kind. When we look at the "big picture", there is one, and only one conclusion, as to how to get out of the mess "we" have created in this great nation. What I mean by this corroborative statement, is that we as a nation, "must start all over", and maybe we can get it right this time around. We are the one's who are responsible to undo the bad times and mistakes that are a part of America's history. This is the time to stop pointing fingers and always putting the blame on others for this downward spiral of a nation that seems to be leading the world towards total moral decline. Staying on this course will lead us to a disastrous future.

Yes, you read me right, we have to go back to the very beginning, because that is where we will find the bane mistakes we made right from the get-go. In order to do this without a lot of digging into the history books, it is imperative to know when who ever dropped anchor here first; "however they came ashore", probably came with little on their backs or in their stomachs, other than a dream, and a lot of anxiety. Along with that dream they also had something that seems to have been lost along the way, that was a belief that they could have a better life here than they did in their homeland. They certainly weren't perfect, as no one is today, but they weren't soft, spoiled, narcissistic, or arrogant about their future. What they were was optimistic and full of hope. And I must say, contrary to what is being taught into today's America; they believed in a creator. I wasn't there at the time, but I am pretty sure the history books will not reveal the word spiritual was on the tip of everyone's tongue --- they had God in their heads. The history books will reveal that. Seek it and you will find it.
Fast forward to right now in America and what do you see? Don't tell me, I so already know and so do you. Like what you see? Of course you don't. Stop believing things will change for the better, hoping someone else will do it, because until  we change ourselves and start all over again, the future looks far from bright for our children now doesn't it? Come on wake up, and face the fact that we 'must" save the future for our children or there will be hell to pay. And pay we will, in particular, our children will be making the payments. This is something they do not deserve, they deserve better. This turn around can not be sugar coated, there is not enough sugar for that.

How do we begin to do this you ask? Seem impossible, does it not? Well I have "good news" for you, it is not, and it's not too late, but we must get started right now. Read my post "A Believer Or A Pro-claimer".We have "everything" we need to do this, that our ancestors did not have. Major advances in education, medicine, science and technology, along with the major last piece of the puzzle piece that can help to finally create peace; the world wide web. But, first we must stop using it as a weapon of "mass distraction", but begin using it as a magnet to bring us closer together. This can be done. It is our only hope of having a peaceful America for our children and their children's children. This is not an enigma.

We must be the catalyst; the beacon of hope and peace for the rest of the world to follow. What a great legacy for the history books. America has always been the leader of most everything good anyway. We have just lost our way, and we are the only way "back to the future".

Remember, you don't know what you've got until it's gone.
Hold on, help is on the way, I can hear your prayers.
We are the save boat.

Finally, we need to seek and find the answers to these four questions before we can even begin to make a new start. The questions of the origin of man, morality, meaning, and destiny. When we find the answers, peace will follow.

This is all I have to say.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day--A Day of Love

Every child born has a mom, and every day, and not just once a year, "Mother's Day"should be celebrated as a day to love, cherish, and with tenderness and devotion, tell our mothers that we love them; words that can make a stressful day a worthwhile and meaningful day for her. Devotion to your mother on a daily basis is a good thing.

Although you make think you have to rely on Hallmark to express you innermost and deepest feelings for your mother, you do not. One suggestion I may present to you is to go ahead and select a beautiful card with a captivating cover that will open up her heart to drink in the words that are inside. Once inside, she can read your heartfelt feelings for her that for most of the time is locked inside your heart. Now deposit those words on the space provided for just that. Write the words that need to be spoken in person to the woman who made a conscious decision to bring you into her world. A world filled with her hope and love for you. Now, focus your eyes on her while her heart accepts your chosen offerings of words you wrote to express your deepest feelings of love for her. As the tears begin to fall, make sure you have tissue close at hand.

For some mothers, Mothers Day is a day and a time of deep loss and sorrow for they may be without their mothers, or they maybe suffering the loss of another person they so dearly loved, such as a father, husband, friend, son or daughter. We must pray for them on this , their day, and pay them a visit if we can in order to ease their pain, lest we never forget their pain and suffering. It is the right thing to do.

My mother never really cared for a gift on mother's day, but longed for that card that somehow she knew would so humbly contain the words that lived in my heart, that somehow I just couldn't get out to her, that would express my deepest love for her. Those were my early days of using "Hallmark" to express my feelings, but as I grew older and wiser I began to add my own words that for too many years were hidden and trapped in my heart and soul, with no way to get them out to her.

We as adults must begin to learn and understand that all moms are not alike, but they all have one thing in common. They love their children with unconditional love,and that love will live in our hearts forever, even when they are gone. Let us not have regrets. Regrets are like ghosts - they will haunt us to the end.

This Mother's Day especially if you are blessed enough to spend it with your mom, give her a great hug, hold her hand and as you squeeze her hand, look deep into her eyes and tell her that you love and cherish her. That tender touch and those words at that moment will go soaring right into heart and soul and will be embedded there forever. A moment that will last a lifetime. This is not the time for just a snapshot, this needs to be a complete picture, that will last an eternity. Her portrait hangs in our hearts in the place called "honor". A mother's love knows no boundary's and her heart is that of an Angel. She will always give, but she will never take.

I got to do that just before my mom took her last breath before she went to her eternal rest with God, and that last moment will live in both my heart and soul forever. All I have to do is close my eyes and she is there with me because I can still see her, feel her, and almost reach out and touch her.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms who may be reading this on this day.

Happy Mother's Day mom.
I miss you and I will love you forever.
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Believer Or A Proclaimer

On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation - that all persons held as slaves within the rebellious states,are, and henceforward shall be free. Despite the expansive wording, the Emancipation Proclamation was limited in many ways. It didn't end slavery. What it did do was to capture the hearts, imagination, and determination  of million of Americans. It made believers of them. When they became believers and not just proclamers, they fought for it's end.

In a world that no longer seems to long for peace, it isn't sufficient to just be a trumpet of peace, we need to believe it is a possibility. Unfortunately, in order to become a believer that world peace is a possibility, we must first conquer our own personal inner peace. Inner peace is a life long process that we must begin to initiate into our own lives and the lives of our children -  and we must begin now, before it is too late.

Just proclaiming an idea, principle, or a philosophy, without believing it, is not the direction in we should be headed to solve our problems and bring peace once and for all in the United States. We have exhausted all intellectual avenues of words, philosophy and reason, to try to make people ask the questions, and seek the answers to, why are here, and what is our purpose in life. These are the conversations we must be having if we want to survive as humans, and stop these conversations of mindless chatter and meaningless drivel. It is time we begin to listen to what our children have to say; but first we must begin talking to them, and not at  them. They must become the believers in peace, not just the declarers.

In America today, we have a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to blaze a trail to lead a nation to peace---let us not blow it. It would be shameful to let this opportunity of "enlightenment" not flourish to our children, and to their children.  We as a nation must begin to be grateful for all we have, and thankful to our ancestors who endured all the pain, suffering, and hard work, so as for us to live in peace. The events going on in this country are beyond shameful, and we must ask ourselves did we bury God along with our core values in the ground alongside our ancestors? This is the best we can do? We know we can do better, lets begin today to believe it. Let not the years pass us by without all of us sharing in a universal bond of love. The time to embrace diversity has come; let it not slip away. All life is interconnected, we are just too distracted to see it.

It is time we stop assuming everything, start thinking for ourselves, and use good old fashioned common sense. Life is simple, it is we who choose to complicate it. Life is love and love is life - it's that simple. It is our only purpose for being here - don't believe anyone who tell's you anything different.  This is not the time just to declare it.

It is time to believe it.