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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Living In His World

The time has come in my life to share one of my life's most precious moments. I choose to use the word precious because it is a word that is usually associated with the words with a similar meaning such as valuable, cherished,and beloved. Other meanings of the word precious are also used to describe a persons feelings about diamonds, sapphires and emeralds:  but can't begin to come close to describe their purposeful meaning until we look at a persons life. How they lived, gave of themselves, and what they have left behind.

One of most precious and purposeful moments in my life came when my cherished daughter Bianca delivered my beloved grandson Dante' to me, who was born unto God and presented himself to me to ease the pain of losing my mother and my brother Dave. From the moment he was cradled in my arms, I began to feel my pain descending into the arms of the almighty, where all our pain will be accepted.. Having him in my life all these years and being in his presence still lessens the pain of these great losses in my life. When we  discovered our cherished child was a little different from the other children that have come into our lives, we wanted to know why he was different, and through the immediate diagnosing and understanding of his spectrum disorder,we we able to put his future in the hands of the loving people who knew just what to do. I marvel at his progress. I marvel how he has enriched our lives and those who are touched by him. I can only hope and pray that this scenario of getting the help, love, understanding, and guidance to the right people as quickly as possible, becomes the same for every child diagnosed with Autism. We all come into this world with special needs, because when a child is born, it is born with nothing.

I believe that we have so much love, guidance, and understanding to give to Dante'; so much more to offer and teach him, yet I have come to realize it is he who is doing the teaching, while he is filling our hearts with only the love that he could possibly give - unconditionally. When he looks into my eyes, I can see and feel the love and presence of God and cherish every opportunity to watch him, while we unlock all the love and wisdom he possesses inside his head to his very soul.

I can only hope and prey that I will be with him as long as I can, to guide and protect him, but when I am no longer here I pray that "Jesus will take the wheel" from his hands and lead him down the road he's on. I want so much for him to always remember me, but only God can unlock that door, and has the key that will lock me into his heart forever. I would rather live in his world than to live without him in mine.
It feels so good to be loved and wanted by him, there is not a gem more precious to me and my family on this earth.
Dante' will teach every one who becomes part of his life, that in life, we need to believe in the invisible, and look beyond what you can see, because the most important things in life are invisible to the eye. If you will begin to look inside your self, you will "see" that this is true.
He has helped me unlock me.
Put your help where your hope is. Help unlock Autism, it will help you unlock you.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Go In Peace

If you would like just three little words to carry around in your head everyday to live by, I would suggest "go in peace". Today is Easter Sunday here in the United States of America and if you are a "believer", it is a day to celebrate life eternal. If what you choose is to be a non- believer, you can still believe in everlasting peace and love. Let be known around the world that the United States of America has always been, and always shall be, the beacon of peace, love, and hope.
Let's not even call you a non-believer because you must believe in something. Today we must set aside our differences and stop becoming monolithic thinkers. This is a time in America we must begin to teach our children about absolute equality and build a future society of eraceism, a path for peace and love to follow.

Today should be a beginning for everyone to reflect on their own lives to begin a personal journey that will culminate in finding out just who we are. This is a must time in American history to finally shed the armor of discontent, and put on robes of peace, love, and compassion. Love is the only answer, it is as simple as that, because as we should know - love conquers all. Sometimes in life we forget what we fell in love with in the first place.

The true meaning of life is so simple, we just complicate it so much it becomes a blur. Each and everyone of  us knows right from wrong, and what we must do to change things for the better. We just choose not to. Is this a future you want to leave to the innocent children we have chosen to bring into this world. We do have a choice, and it it still not too late, but time is running out. Today, right now, we have the ability to set our sites on a brighter future -  a planet with children born with nothing, except the hope that our seeds of love will be planted deep into their hearts. But not until our heart seeds are infused with the love of the creator, our spiritual guide through this journey we are on, will it be possible.

Everyone likes a good story, so please allow me to enlighten you of two. Of course all good yarns have a moral to them and I am sure you are familiar with the the stories of Jonah and Noah. If not, they now come in hard copy, or you can call on your Google God, and have him read them to you. None the less, to some they are just  fairy tales, but still, great stories. The moral of the story of Jonah is - don't live a life of greed and selfishness, or you could find yourself swallowed up by those just like you - or in Noah's case, make sure you build up a ship of animals and friends, so you don't drown in a life giving ocean without them throwing you a life jacket.

Today, and everyday, should be a day of  peace for everyone, not just those of us who believe in everlasting life, but for all those who want everlasting peace.

Here are four entities you should seek to find the answers to -  origin, meaning, morality and destiny.
Only when you find the answers, will you find life, according to plan, according to man.

Peace will come in your life, please be one. Burn slowly the candle of life. Go in peace.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

What's It All About

In 1967 Burt Bacharach and Hal David wrote the lyrics to the auspicious song "What's It All About Alfie"- which in my opinion is one of greatest songs ever written, originally to promote the 1966 film, Alfie. Alfie tells the story of a young womanizer (Michael Caine), who leads a self-centered life, purely for his own enjoyment, until events force him to question his uncaring behavior and his loneliness. It is a very entertaining film, one I recommend you watch in order to bring the words to the song "to life". What the lyrics ask all of us - present, past, and future Alfie's, is do we really know what life is all about. If we choose to dig deep into who we are, and ask ourselves that daunting question, we could never have one single universal answer, because answers to difficult questions don't always come easy, and some answers only suggest we ask more questions. One thing you might have noticed with out the need of a magnifying glass, is that there is a lot of uncaring behavior and loneliness stalking, and in many cases, residing in the hearts of  too many Americans today. The best antidote for this contagious "virus" is to ask yourself -  "what's it all about"- and then go out and find the answer.

So, go ahead, ask yourself that question - see what answers if any, you can come up with. Take as much time as you like, or take as little time as you choose- because you don't think it's a question that deserves the quest for an answer. Besides, as far as anyone can prove, this is the one and only life we have - wouldn't you like to find out "what it's all about?" The following lyrics should help you make a decision as to if it's "life worth finding."

What's it all about Alfie, is it just for the moment we live.What's it all about when you sort it out, Alfie - are we meant to take more than we give, or are we meant to be kind. And if, only fools are kind, then I guess it is wise to be cruel. And if live belongs only to the strong, what will you lend on an old golden rule? (I personally think what they meant by what will you lend by an old golden rule, was why would the strong help the weak, if there is nothing valuable the weak can provide in return).  As sure as I believe there's a heaven above, I know there's something much more - something even non - believers can believe in. I believe in love, for without love we just exist. Until you find the love you've missed, you're nothing. When you walk, let your heart lead the way and you'll find love any day. Don't even try to find something unmeaning with those words - you can't. Just believe in love, because you can.

Hopefully,these words will resonate with you and ring a bell in your head, and heart and soul, that may make us all wake up to the realization that life itself is really what we need to believe in. Life is filled with miracles and if you want to see the greatest miracle of all - then just look into a mirror.  Then take a walk and visit Mother Nature.

Without true love we really do only just exist - are there any truer words that have ever been spoken? That's what it's all about - now go out and give it, because that is where you will find it.

You need chaos in you soul to give birth to a dancing star-Friedrich Nietzsche

In this you can believe. It's what life is all about.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Imagine This---Imagine That---Imagine World Peace

When someone asks you a question, where do you look for the answer? Does it exist on the tip of your tongue, reside at the furthest most over-saturated storage space in the very back of your head, or do you turn to Google for the answer? Sometimes we can just use our imagination, be creative, and come up with any old answer, just to avoid telling the truth. That would be the wrong thing to do, and a big mistake. Using our imagination in the right way, can be an extremely powerful tool towards promoting inner peace, and as a result, world peace will follow. I really believe a healthy imagination will keep your primary physician and the witch doctor away, for a long long time. It just takes practice, just as anything else that is important does. Please take some time and allow your imagination to run away with you now and everyday, and just imagine:

- world peace
- that when you kill imagination, everything else begins to die
- peace in America
- standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon feeling close to God, while feeling a tear drop
- holding a strangers hand so they will not feel alone
- your inner self and strength--- to move on
- forever
- peace will come in your life --- if you buy one
- that when you make peace with yourself, you can make peace with the world
- life without pain, understanding that life without pain contains no gain
- that your personal imagination allows for most anything to happen
- that you are loved unconditionally
- that you are capable of giving complete love to everyone else
- holding onto your dreams
- courage to do anything you choose to do
- that when you don't feel like doing something--- you do it anyway
- that never giving up is not an option
- that imagination equals freedom
- that freedom allows imagination
- that when you have faith, anything is possible--it really is--- and don't let anyone tell you any differently
- what being at complete peace feels like--- just look inside yourself--it's there if you seek it
- the love of a puppy
- the needs of a newborn baby---we are all born into this world with nothing
- the intoxicating sweet aromas of nature---- they will take your breath away--- and feed your brain
- listening to your heart, while cultivating the ability to do so
- learning that there is not more to life than you already think there is---it's not complicated, we just make it that way
- feeling life as a giving river and you are the ocean
- becoming the right person instead of just looking for one
- discovering love is a many splendor-ed thing-----and share it with someone
- coming to the realization that a dead end is just another place to turn around--- and doing it
- that all things in life are according to man, according to plan

A healthy imagination is a worthwhile destination.
Just make sure you want to make it back to reality.