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Sunday, February 23, 2014

America---How Deep Is Your Love

How deep is your love for America? Cause we're living in a world of fools, breaking us down, when they all should let us be---we belong to you and me. Do some of these words sound familiar to you? If you recognize them, then of course you know they are some of the lyrics to a Bee Gees song from 1977, titled "How Deep Is Your Love." After listening to this song it got me to thinking again about how deep our love is for our country, and for one another. We must ask ourselves the question: are we living in a nation of fools? The answer to this question lies within the souls of all of us who live in America, and our ancestors are deserving of an answer. They are waiting for our voices to be heard, and they are expecting us to make peace with one another and perpetuate the species. There is an old "saying" that is appropriate for the present time in America that quite simply reads like this: 'still water runs deep'. Where water is deepest, it is smooth and quiet, while shallowwater makes the most noise when it is disturbed. What it means to me and should to all of us is, "silent folk are dangerous." We need to make lots of noise and the time is right now, for love of country.

The time has come in America to dig deep inside each and every one of us to answer this most important question; how deep is our love for this country we call home. This is a wake up question, a challenging one, and a call for action is essential to show our love for our dear republic. This is a call we must answer right now. We've exhausted our wealth of knowledge and have no more answers for mankind. We have had every conversation in the world about what is right, what is wrong, and what has gone bad, but somewhere along the line, somehow, the subject became taboo. Love and peace for our country seems to have disappeared in our daily conversations and has been replaced by weapons of mass distraction, conversations of mindless chatter and meaningless drivel. Our ancestors beliefs seem to have become cliché, and don't have much meaning anymore. I don't claim to have found all the answers, but I have figured out the world is bigger than you and I, that we really need one another, and our country is us. She has always been the one thing in life worth fighting for....."this land is your land, this land is my land, this land was made for you and me".

It was the words from a song written a long time ago that also made me realize that music back then, and some of the songs that are written today, help lead us to the realization that we must dig deep into ourselves to find the catalyst that will help us take that first step that will help us to become one. My belief is that the significant, driving voice that will help us to determine how deep our love is, will come from the genre of  'country music'--- where the roots of America's heart run deepest. Country music is 'down home' and it 'runs deep.' It is baseball, apple pie, and a Chevy truck-- with a souped-up Corvette engine. Country music's heartbeat has always been the soul of America.

We are not a country of fools, but sometimes we are a country that can be fooled. Our ancestors' voices must be brought back from the depths of time's deepest waters, and sung across the land by those of us living in shallow water, because we can make the most noise. We must believe in ourselves, we must believe in our country --- because she has always believed in us. She is all we've got, she is all we need.

Our history is the bridge that brings us to the present and it runs deep. Let it be our guide.

How deep is your love? Let the show me begin, and maybe peace will come.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Peace Will Come In your Life---Please Buy One (Melanie 1972)

In our lives today more than ever before, we have a chance to extend peace to the world. This is not a "here we go again, pie in the sky pipe dream." This is the reality of it all.

We can have world peace if we just:

Really believe that it is possible--- dig deep inside yourself, you know you really want it,
Destroy our weapons of mass distraction, so we will not weep when the stars begin to fall,
Learn how to really use our weapons of mass distraction only for the good of mankind,
Create rivers of love and make all rivers givers to the ocean, according to plan, according to man,
Build bridges of unconditional love and empathy that will take us to a place where we can feel each others' pain and suffering,
Begin to live inside each others wounds, and heal them with our unconditional love,
Unleash the power within each of us to find the eternal guidance we will need, then peace will come,
Look into each others' eyes and open up the book of our lives to find the common ground we all stand upon, and turn the sands of time into the rock of ages,
Seek and talk to the child that dwells in all of us to see, feel, and understand what it is we must feed our global children, for they are our only hope for a future written about a planet that lives in peace,
Understand that if someone gives us love, we must ask ourselves what can we give them in return,
For sometimes when we feel we have reached the end, it may be just the beginning, because a dead end is nothing more than just another place to turn around,
There's a chance peace will come in your life, according to plan, according to man----please buy one.(Melanie 1972)

World peace is possible and its color is love....

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shirley Temple---American Icon Supreme

Today is a sad day in America---we have lost Shirley Temple. 

I am sure there are many media writers globally paying their tributes to her at this time, and probably doing a much better job than I can. However, I would like to say that in my lifetime living in the United States, Shirley Temple epitomized what it means to be an American. She leaves behind a hole in our childhood hearts that will never be mended by another young curly-haired child, no matter how hard we may try. Only once in a lifetime does that happen----"only once in a lifetime does a Shirley Temple come along." How lucky we are to be among the privileged to receive and remember her innocence as a child, and her purity as a grown woman. She showed us that a childhood sweetheart can grow up to be a woman of pride, righteousness, and dignity. She, and she alone, set the standard by which all child performers should be judged.

Thank you so much Shirley Temple for sharing your childhood and your life with us. The memories will live in our hearts forever more. As so much that was good in America has died and been left behind, so is your legacy and what you stood for--- "Gone With The Wind." With a little luck we may get to see you someday "The Good Ship Lollipop."

Sunday, February 9, 2014

America I Am----You

I am America.
I am a man of a certain age who still believes in God and the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
I am a nation whom the rest of the world must look upon to find answers,
I am picnic baskets waiting to be filled with simple foods prepared by loving hands in anticipation of the warm and beautiful sunny days of summer, while I sit quietly and peacefully down by the lake,
I am a glorious early spring morning awaiting those who choose to feel and smell me,
I am America.
I am a mother surrounded by many angels to ease my pain and suffering,
I am Jason, a brave heart,
I am a voice who speaks the truth and needs people to lend me their ears,
I am ears waiting to hear the truth,
I am a distant path just waiting for someone to discover me and let me lead them to a beautiful singing pond with the morning dew lighting the way,
I am a land that used to be called "promised", and I still do promise, if you will just hold my hand and make a stand,
I am a father who understands that the love of God and family alone is worth the fight,
I sometimes long for yesterday, but look towards the end of a perfect day,
I am country music, hamburgers, Coke, and iced tea,
I am down home and I still love my hometown,
I am Mother Earth's heartbeat, companion, and friend,
I am the land of the plenty, but also the land of the sad and suffering,
I am America.
I am a river of love looking for an ocean,
I am old, torn and tattered car tires laying in a field in the shape of a heart with daisies growing around them,
I am children laughing and singing silly songs that are dancing in their heads,
I am a day like none other filled with hope, opportunity and boundless love,
I am still a melting pot for all of God's children, and the child in all of us,
I have discovered after searching for so far, I cannot go back,
I am a land with arms wide open, let me embrace you,
I know we can only achieve real peace when we live inside each others' wounds,
I have discovered that after all my searching, I have found a place of my own, in a stranger's heart,
I will not walk with my dirty feet in other peoples' heads,
I will give inner peace a chance,
America I am.
I am a ship of leaders in the night, not a ship of fools,
I am a nation that must begin to replant the seeds of peace, and one by one we shall reap the harvest, singing the shout of victory,
I am Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn, and Tom Sawyer,
I am all the countless wonderful cities, towns, and villages spread across this great land waiting to be re-discovered,
I am Autism, the door that can unlock the love in your heart,
I am Dante, I am the keeper of the key,
I am the land of the freedom, hope and charity,
I once was blind, but now I see,
I am America.
America I am.
I am home.
Time to wake up and be awesome.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Democracy....a challenge

It is apparent that in the United States today, we seem to feel that the decisions coming out of Washington, D.C. are the decisions our nation’s leaders want us to believe in. They are trying to persuade us to follow their lead down a path going.......nowhere. They seem to be playing the age-old game 'follow the leader' or, in this case, follow the incapable-of-leading leaders. It is in my opinion that if we lead, the leaders will follow us----and if this were to be true, wouldn't that make us the leaders? Time for us to use our common sense.
In the year 1776, in the great city of Philadelphia, the imperfect statesmen of the day ratified and gave us the Declaration of Independence. Today, in Washington, D.C., the also not-so-perfect Congress is trying to misinterpret and re-write the Constitution's true meaning, seemingly trying shove a new document down our throats, called the 'Declaration of Dependency.'
We the people need not be dependent on anyone, for it is we the people who made this a great nation, and we can continue to make it an even greater nation than ever before. Within each of us lies the leadership it will take to do the right thing and be the example of the message that we need to send to Washington in order for them to wake from their restless sleep and begin to do the right thing. The time has come for all citizens of this once great country to step up to the plate, and hit a home run. Loading the bases and striking out just won't get the job done anymore. The right to live freely and to remain in charge of one's own destiny is not something that has been part of the human consciousness forever, but rather something that has developed through a long period of time, strife, and coming to terms with things that really matter.

This awareness of this intrinsic freedom to define one's own values and existence, has been a progressive development, instituted by our ancestors in their growing need for liberty and freedom. Generations of our beloved ancestors had to endure many hardships to help them consider themselves more than just a nation hampered by lack of freedom of expression, allowing them to become a nation of "the one."

It is our God-given historical right to determine what was and to this day still is enunciated by us, as to what we the citizens need for the protection of our civil liberties. The birth of democracy in America must be preserved and nurtured for it was the first step forward for humanity on a road that was not lined with trees of peace and prosperity.

Our decisions do not rain supreme across the land as decisions of perfection, but if we remain true to our forefathers' principles, we will let every heart that what was once true to the ideals of our great nation be filled with pride, knowing the everlasting foundation for liberty and democracy within America, will remain strong, just, and truthful.