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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Ask yourself this one question; what is the reason we exist here on this planet as humans? If you think you have the correct answer, find someone you know and share it.

Your answer may surprise them.
Your answer may surprise you.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

America's Heart--A new Awakining

 Today in America we see a vast departure of core values that had until now lived within the hearts of our ancestors and the rhythm of the heartbeat was strong.The rhythm is still there but not as strong as it used to be -- the music we created is still there, yet the expression of the words to the  music seems to be gone and those core values are just not the same.

Instead, there is an interruption of that strong combination of that strong heart and core values that seems to be the opinion of others from many country's, that the America that was, will never be the America that it could be. America's future is not something that can be turned into an ideological victory for just one group and not another, because our future is now and it is not a future of closing books and long last looks.
The set of beliefs that most Americans still deeply possess and believe in are the deeply rooted ideals and  words that are spoken of a truth that will live in our hearts today, and in the hearts of our children forever. We are proud and honorable Americans and we never give up, and we will forever be the beacon of love and hope to share with the rest of the world. God gave us life, our ancestors gave us freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We shall do the rest.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Talkin' Bout Generationism

There seems to lots of ism's and expressive "new language" bombarding the American public these days. The term "generation gap" has been redefined to become know as Generation-ism.We need to stop pointing fingers, and end making excuses as to why we can't "get involved". We need to stop hoping someone else will solve the insurmountable problems we are facing now, and take affirmative action. In the future, we may have living proof that love and caring matters.

 Fact: pointing fingers never solved anything.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

National Pride----A Noble Cause

In American history, we may conclude that national pride sits as the cornerstone of strength and identity to which we are judged by others in the world. It is at times like these that we must choose to respond to ourselves and other nations and exhibit our best and noblest capacities for love, healing, and compassion, and to communicate these efforts to those who are waiting for us to take the lead in the right direction.

However, it is apparent in America today that we as Americans, have chosen not to come together in unity to display our commitment to begin the process of this noble cause. We must make the right choices and begin to let the rest of the world see us as a nation whose gifts create spiritual bounty and peace; not as a marauding nation set on taking what is not rightfully ours from others while seeking to acquire goods and resources. That should not be a requirement to be a great leading nation.

The truth of the matter is that we, who are the body of this great republic, all too often sit and remain "silent" and allow government policy to dictate our credible actions. Policies made in "high places" do not represent the feelings of most Americans, and should not be allowed to shape our vision of what we would like our nation to become in the future. We need to keep these villains in the backseat where they belong, not in the driver's seat,which is where we put them in the first place; allowing them to be steering us in the wrong direction, which is over a cliff. We must begin to put on the brakes, turn ourselves and our country around, away from what awaits us at the abyss. If you think the financial cliff is frightening, we are already teetering on the morality cliff----a little bit more of the likes of Miley Cyrus might be just enough to push us over.

We, as the true patriotic Americans, must return our country in the right direction to re-establish the policies and practices we hold dear in our hearts that also anchor our foundation, that seems to be crumbling. These unfortunate results happen when a nations people fall asleep, unaware what is really happening, or just choose to ignore it. This is what happens when you stop paying attention to the tragedies that may befall us if we keep living in a unconscious state of mind.

It will only be upon waking up from this self induced unconsciousness, will we begin to see how tarnished our ideals have become, and have separated us from the truth's that lie at the foundation of America's heart.

We must put ourselves at the top of the list of "The Good Country Index" (goodcountry.org)

There is not a moment too soon for this awakening to happen.