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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Power Of One

The one thing we all have in common in America is inside each of us, if we chose to look, shall be known as "the power of one." This extraordinary power will help to create the change with-in each and every one of us, that will become the catalyst that will bring peace to planet earth. Every day we face many obstacles and distractions that make it very difficult, but not impossible, for us to reach this understanding of --- "the power of one." It is a choice we all must make, and the time is now.

In order to fully understand this power of one, we must start by trying to find the words that best describe who we really are. By putting down on paper the words that honestly best describe us, we can begin to start seeing what type of  a person we are, and can begin a process that will end in the discovery of the power that lives deep inside every-one of us. Upon discovering this potential power, we can begin to make the necessary changes to become the person we would like others to be. 

Try to choose words that really describe you when you take this honest look at yourself. Some examples of words that may help you begin to understand who you are, are as follows:

ok, don't list just the good ones
hard working
don't take things seriously

Just a few words to get you started, and who knows, but only you and time, where these words will take you. Now, take a step back, and begin to take this journey of self-discovery seriously.  If you do this with complete honesty and regularity, you will begin a journey of discovering just who you really are---- sometimes that can change you forever, overnight---- sometimes in an instant. By taking affirmative action you will become the catalyst to help others find their power of their one., that will give power to the people.
 A long time ago my old high school football coach taught me and my teammates that,"teamwork makes your dream work". He was so right, and once you discover the power of the one, you will begin the process of  understand that we are all part of that team, whose turf is planet earth, and our goal is to begin the "race to win."

The power of one---it just makes sense.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Springtime---Fill Your Camera Heads With Pictures

Winter is not welcome anymore in the United States this year. We now pay homage to the arrival and gladness of spring. It is now the time to fill our hearts and heads with the eternal blessings that arrive with the graciousness and grandeur of springtime. Thank you mother nature and father time, and above all, mother earth, for providing us with this astoundingly awesome playground--- out in the middle of nowhere in the universe.

Out with the grey and grey of winter, pushed out of the way by a new color pallet called spring, we may begin to open our camera eyes and start taking sharp, pictures that will last a lifetime---- developing them in our heads--- while taking snapshots of:

people with smiles again on their faces and in their hearts,
children anxiously awaiting the last day of school,
teachers extremely anxiously awaiting the last day of school,
children looking down at  their feet, admiring their new spring shoes, those lucky enough to have them,
parents not knowing what to think about it until they see report cards,
thousands of gardeners awaiting their Burpee catalogs in the mail, picturing in their heads the beauty they will create that lies ahead,
birds of a feather on flights of peace,
the rainbow of colors hanging in clothing store windows,
people actually going for walks with a spring in their step,
porches filled with people studying the New York Times, House Beautiful, and the latest gardening magazines,
front porches with people actually sitting on them, not looking like empty still life paintings,
lilies of the valley, hyacinth, iris, crocus, and fields of wildflowers, all creating your own floral pallet,
garage doors flung open to reveal the tools of spring and summer delight, while leaving them to hang out all across the yard overnight, waiting to be embraced in the morning,
lines a mile long of automobiles waiting impatiently to get through the automated car wash,
the smart people washing and waxing their own cars,
people laying on the grass, eyes fixed on the cloud formations that resemble a multitude of images, sometimes real, sometimes imaginary, not taken with a smart phone, but taken by a smart mind,
real people with real smiles on their faces, intoxicating others who look into their eyes,
mother nature unfolding her earthly unmatched beauty and bounty,
a full moon turning the night into a starry shadowed dream place,
our elders faces of hard work, wisdom, and sophisticated beauty,
American soil with graves of our loved ones longing for more visitors, more stories to tell,
children not yet knowing that "living in the moment" is what's most important, and that they are the ones carrying that message,

Spring is the heartbeat of love and renewal, may the beat go on.
Eternal spring renews our hearts and our belief in ourselves, America, and God ---- again and again.
Don't miss it, being reborn is important.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Enough With The Excuses

If there is one thing that is not lacking in America today, it an insurmountable amount of excuses for not getting things done, or admitting that we need one another in order to stop our country from spinning out of control. These excuses are as old as old can be, and in today's world we have even come up with new expressions of --pop culture-- excuses, the most dominate and powerful one being the word "whatever." What an unforgiving use of a word for an excuse not to do anything. Used in that context says I don't care about anything or anybody, I have given up, let someone else do it. That is just plain unacceptable.  Shrugging your shoulders and rolling your eyes while using the word "whatever" is un- American.

There are absolutely no excuses good enough to allow us to treat each other the way we do:

- just because we are tired,
- just because we think we are too young or too old and we have bad genes,
- just because we don't like a horse of a different color,
- just because we can't accept gender-bending or racial blending,
- just because we are all alone and procrastinators,
- just because we believe that aliens are living in the center of the earth,
- just because we lost our job, maybe because we were too lazy and weren't a good employee,
- just because we think we are smarter than others,
- just because we believe we are richer than most people we know,
- just because we believe those that tell us God is dead,
- just because we have given up hope, and assume every one else has,
- just because we didn't have a perfect childhood (name one person you know who has),
- just because we didn't take the time to realize that neither did our parents or our ancestors,
- just because we think the world owes us a living, no one owes anything to anybody--- God is the one exception,
- just because we expect someone else to get the job done, thank God our ancestors didn't feel the same way,
- just because we don't always get what we want, and envy people who really work hard for what they get,
- just because waiting for our ship to come in is easier than working hard to build the ship,
- just because it's easier to say " I can't get involved" or I don't want to get in the middle,"
- just because others don't reach out to touch us,
- just because we don't give a damn,
- just because we feel it's just not worth it,
- just because we live in a world that says it's okay not to love your neighbor,
- just because we can stretch the meaning of the words of freedom, liberty, and morality,
- just because we don't believe in our heart that freedom, justice, and healing, is what unites us,
- just because we know the price of everything, and the value of nothing,
- just because we have not yet discovered fire for the second time around,
- just because we think it is okay to mistreat animals, children, elders, and disabled people,
- just because we don't believe in doing good things for others, matters,
- just because we don't believe that "world peace is possible"----'nonsense' --- it's already begun. Peace will come in your life, you just need to buy one,
- just because we haven't taken the time to find out what it means to be human.

Enough excuses for now, you can make your own list.

Excuses only beget more excuses.