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Sunday, January 26, 2014

America---I Still Can---I Will Still...

America--- I still can
- believe in God and worship him in public
- not believe in God, and pursue the works of a righteous person
- get up very early on a dewy spring morning, snip some beautiful flowers from my garden, and surprise someone who seldom gets love, with a bouquet of lovely peace
- get into my 4 wheel drive search engine, seek someone who needs help, and help them
- volunteer to deliver meals on wheels and love doing it, knowing I fed a child of hunger
- volunteer for the Peace Corps and deliver peace
- live by the 10 Commandments, knowing they are not multiple choice
- voice my opinion even though others may disagree, and not spend time in prison for that privilege
- go to work everyday to a job that I love, and even if I don't love it, opportunity is still an option
- run for public office in hopes of winning, to allow me to make things better for those less fortunate who really need help and don't know how to get it
- become a passenger on the ship of leaders, and not land on the ship of fools
- live with the ever-present feeling of family
- reach out and touch someone and maybe save or change a life
- open a book of someone's life and read what is inside, with total acceptance
- can still believe that love alone is worth the fight

America--- I will still
- live by the Constitution of the United States of America and cherish it's true meaning, for it really matters
- believe talk is cheap and actions are explosive
 - pledge allegiance to the greatest symbol of America, the flag, for it stands for everything good
- show the rest of the world that America cannot and will not stand alone
- look upon Abraham Lincoln as one of our most venerable statesmen and presidents
- be the example of what it means to be a part of the solution to keep America strong forever
- always remember to live every day by the golden rule, always doing unto others as I would have them do unto me
- believe our purpose is to identify the meaningful things in life and make them better, knowing the most important things are invisible to the eye

I will still and I still can love America, land of the free, home of the brave, for we are she

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Love Age-- Has It Arrived

If someone was to ask you to choose one word to describe the very essence of life, the one purposeful word that would actually sum up the reason for our existence as humans---what would that word be? If you chose the word "money," that would be an incorrect answer; come on, you can do better than that. Can't buy me love. There is only one word in the English language that could be used for the right answer --- that being the word love. Love is at the very essence of what it means to be human, and only unconditional human love can sustain us as a nation today, if we have any hope to pave a path to a peaceful future.Where there is love, there is life.

Love, and a sincere compassion for others, can turn our nation around and make us the axis of love that will become infectious and spread around the world, allowing us to connect with the underlying oneness of the peace-loving brothers and sisters already spreading universal peace and love. It is love that will carry us on it's shoulders and take us across the bridge of peace to others. Maybe, when we reach the other side, we may begin to tear down the walls that keep us apart, allowing us to create links of peace to one another. At the end of the Peace Bridge there will be a sign that speaks to us saying: walk this way.

When I look down the road we are headed on in America, I see a nation seeking oneness, but it lacks a desire to engage in becoming a leading love compass. I believe only this love for one another can be the guide we are looking for to create this new "love age" in America we so desperately need. It is there for us for the taking, we need not have this opportunity slip through our fingers. All we need is love, and I can see it, right around the corner. You can as well, if you would just take off the blinders that are preventing you from looking.

Remember, love is not a second hand emotion, it means everything, and in the end it's all that really matters anyway.

It can be said, love is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it eludes you; but if you just sit quietly, it will come and rest upon your shoulder.When it does don't just shoo it away, sometimes we only get one shot at it.

The "love age" has arrived--- hitch your wagon to it. It's what makes the world go round, and around… our children will love it. Why? Because it matters.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Simpler Life Is The Best Life

Wouldn't you like to know how to have a life that is must less complicated? The first step we all must take in order to live a simpler, less complicated life is to take a step back. In America right now, most people don't even believe this is at all a possibility. Well, I am here now to to tell you that it is possible, and you can begin to experience this "new," more peaceful life right now, today. The process begins with seeking the time to find out just who "you" are. Most important is to always remember that this is a process, and will take time, but the time taken will be well worth it. It will change your life and everyone's lives around you. By taking some time to look back on your life, you will begin to see a reason why you did what you did back then, and begin to leave it all behind by working through it. Remember what I said---this is a process, it will take time, but it really does work. Try it-- you will live longer.

Take the time every day to discover new things that can simplify your life. A simpler life is is really the best life and if you don't believe this to be true, just get on the treadmill that has being "rich" and owning as many possessions as you can as your destination, and you will never discover the "good" life, the life of giving to others.

Please allow me to suggest a few examples of how may begin:

-Waking up early on a Sunday or a day off and go for a brisk walk to get the morning paper, and try to read only good news
-Find new ways to recycle items you really don't need anymore, and donate them to a worthy organization
-Choose a form of daily exercise that will really suit your allotted time and your personal physical needs
-Take the time to plant a small vegetable and or flower garden, making sure that you bring your harvest and spiritual bounty to family, friends, and those in need
-At least once a week visit someone or a group of people, and become a part of their life
-Seek daily your life's purpose, and share what you discover with others, and hopefully yourself and God
-If you love dogs, or any other pet, "get one," they will abound you with unconditional love
-Try to fix or repair something old, instead of buying new; this includes humans
-Every day of the rest of your life, hug someone and tell them that you love them, you will probably get it right back at you---isolation is not a good destination

Now, you take it from here and take the time to continue adding your own examples of "a simpler life"

It's that simple.