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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Be A Voice--Not An Echo

Probably at least once in everyone's life they take advantage of an opportunity to hear an echo of their own voice. Its a pretty identifying experience that makes you listen carefully to hear your voice coming right back at you. Most of us probably shouted only one word, a word we felt good about, bouncing back from a distance. I would best imagine the word used most often was the word "hello." We must always remember the echo always came back to us much softer than we sent it out, usually shouting at the top of our lungs. It makes much more sense when we arrive at an opportunity to shout out to defend our patriotism here in the U.S., we choose to be a voice, not an echo.
Our forefathers shouted out many messages delivered upon solid rocks that today seem only to be an echo to most of us who choose to call ourselves patriotic Americans. Those solid rocks upon which their messages were delivered are turning into pebbles of loose sand--- and we are sinking. It takes a solid American standing on solid ground to shout out the message that we have to take back the America that we love, so that those who gave up their lives for liberty and freedom did not die in vain----that their voices will still be heard. These were patriots of America that were loud voices, not weak echos of today, because it was upon the strength of their convictions that made America a great nation a long time ago. Today, we can make this a better nation, together we can make for a better world, "just me and you."

Those voices that have been heard throughout American history seem to be silent, laid to rest with those who gave up their lives for a nation coping with the uncertainty that lied ahead of them. What we hear most today are the voice's of those whom seem set on taking away our freedoms and our liberty.

Maybe we should all take a journey to the battlegrounds and graveyards of all of our ancestral fallen soldiers, sit there in silent anticipation; and if we listen closely with our hearts, we may hear the voices of liberty and freedom echoing from the not-so-distant past.
All we can see is the struggle. When are we to shake off the heavy chains that seem to be weighing us down to be a voice, a voice of a strong and peaceful future for our children. The question we must ask ourselves is how long is this struggle going to last?

Stand tall and be a powerful voice for what you believe in, even if you stand alone..
It is not in the stars that hold our destiny but in ourselves -- William Shakespeare

Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Way Out

Being an old hippie allows me to take a trip without the help of self-induced drugs, back to one of the best parts of that well-documented era in my opinion: the music. One of the most outstanding groups to me at that time was the Allman Brothers Band. Today, I was listening to one of their greatest hits "One Way Out," and it got me to thinking about a realistic and doable solution as to how we can get out of the mess we are in here in the United States, before there is really no turning back. This seems to be a belief which seems to be shared by the majority of Americans and others around the world. This philosophy that way too many people seem to believe in, is that we have moved beyond the 'tipping point,' and there is no hope to turn things around. On the other side of the 'tipping point' many believe lies a highway that will lead us to a future that looks bleak, with only hopelessness and despair to look forward to.

I believe there is a way out of this misguided collision with disaster, the solution living inside each and every one of us living in this great country. The solution is a simple one; but it will have a hard beginning, allowing a challenging first step. All we have to do to get this country started in the right direction is begin to make a conscious effort to take a "step back" and begin to look at our lives as if we were looking at life under a microscope. What I mean by this is that we must choose individually to begin to take a much broader look at our lives. This event will become the very beginning of self-discovery, which is the most important first main ingredient. Individually, we have to begin the process of discovering who we are and what's most important to us as a society as a whole. As a society of people who realize the importance of helping others, we will become the catalyst to the discovery that together as the (we), things will begin to change for the better for the whole. We must seek out others, and open the book of there lives, because therein lies the best stories that sometimes are never to be written. It reminds me of a quote that I have always remembered from a long time ago--"When someone dies, a library burns."

This first step will be a difficult, almost agonizing one for most of us, because we have to have to find the faith to believe that by doing this, things will begin to get better, and that we then have become a part of the solution to the new rebirth of a 'renewed' nation. This 'new' leadership will be led by the new leaders; the 99%, us. Yes, hard to believe that 'we the people', working and believing together, will be in the drivers seat of our destiny, not in the back seat where those in power really believe we belong. 1% is an extremely small number, and who needs them anyway? They would like us to believe that with their leadership they will lead the way to prosperity, dignity, and liberty, while in reality they are heading us down a dead end road -----but let me tell you this for sure-- a dead-end is just another place to turn around.

To make this work we must first take a small step back, look around us, look inside ourselves, and discover who we are and what we are really capable of. We must begin to understand the process it will take for us to feel the pain of others, and it is time we replant the seeds of love and peace that were planted a long, long time ago, by those who were here before us. We must allow them to be a part of who we are. At that precise moment we will begin to take a long look ahead and actually begin to create our own future. Our future is now, and it's waiting just around the corner, just around the bend in the road.  If we look hard enough we will see the sign that says--"This Way Out."

We must face this confrontation with extreme possibility.