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Sunday, August 25, 2013

An Anguished Heart To Australia

Evil and cowards come in all colors. Evil is just plain evil. This beast reared it's ugly head in America again, all too recently, committing a cowardly and senseless act of violence upon a young Australian baseball player attending college in Oklahoma.

Sometimes there is an act of senseless violence that seems to almost make our heads explode with total disbelief, and yes in this case , make us angry as well.To make a conscious decision to pick out a innocent, defenseless young man, shooting him in the back while he is out for a jog, is the ultimate unimaginable act of thugs, who have no business to be given leniency, hopefully to be given a new residence in a state prison as their new home address for at least the next 50 years.

 This heinous act makes no sense at all, leaving our hearts filled with anguish, while trying to find just one possible reason or motive that would justify or offer a reasonable explanation.We,the real loving and caring  people of the  United States of America, while considering ourselves to be a beacon of hope and compassion, are outraged by this cowardly act.

On behalf of the millions of loving and caring Americans, we would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the people of your country, and to the family of their lost son; we pray. We are a nation set in turmoil at this time in our short history, noting that there is no excuse for the act of violence towards one of your young men, who had such a bright future ahead of him. Sadness has filled our hearts.

This new seed beacon of hope, compassion, and love has been planted here in a small corner of the United States, seemingly at this time fostering it's message far below the national media radar. We shall be called the "Mighty Ones." This apologetic message to all Australian citizens for this pernicious act, should have immediately come out of an oval office, delivered by a voice of truth and justice, but it was not. That voice is not our voice. We are the voice of Americans who welcome others from other countries with open arms, pledging  and extending our love, friendship, and Americanism to them. We are the ones filled with compassion and justice from the bottom of our hearts. From our hearts comes the message to others who step onto American soil, that you are always welcome here for we consider you fellow Americans, as if this were the land in which you were born.

May love build a bridge between your hearts and ours.