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Monday, July 29, 2013

Starting Over

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a Nation and it's citizens to take a good look at the road that lies ahead, it should be looked at with clear and present danger. It also could be looked at as a future pioneer should; that we really need 'to start all over.' These "pioneers" have an enormous encounter facing them -- a close encounter of the fourth kind. The highway of wisdom and understanding will be a bumpy one, with potholes filled with doubt and unbelief.
In order to prevent the total collapse of our great Nation, we must figure out a way to make everything we have made bad, made good, and everything we have created that's good, make it better. What is imperative is to begin to create a new generation of American citizens who sincerely care for the well being of others. This is not a "new reality,' it was even  being discussed by one of our greatest first ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt. The time has come to not just discuss, but to take action and put our money where our future begs to stay alive.

In order to spark this enormous undertaking, a new leader or leader's must show up to "jump start" our new generous, caring, loving generation. It certainly will not be coming from Washington D.C. any time soon-- it will be a common man, a "Mighty Man," who will rise to the occasion, carrying honesty, integrity, honor, and human core values on his enormous shoulders. He is here now, and is living among us and has already begun this arduous task. How will you recognize this future trailblazer? Open your eyes wide, keep them peeled, and he will show up when you least expect it.

Starting all over, a new beginning is begging to get started. We CAN do this, we are still the greatest "new" nation on the planet, "The United States Of Americans."

God bless Americans, Americans must bless God.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


In America today, right now, we have everything necessary to bring peace and prosperity to our Republic, with the exception of one key ingredient; "YOU."

It's time to stand up and show up.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A New Basis For Peace

What may seem obvious to most people, but really isn't, is that one nation cannot bring peace through waging war, or even through maintaining peace armaments. Such armaments only maintain a temporary peace based in fear of reprisals.

The world has not yet come to the conclusion that the inner motivation toward peace can and must be altered to institute a trust among nations towards a healing capacity of love.These things are considered luxuries or Utopian hopes at times of peace, but not the necessary foundation of trust between nations. For as long as fear of reprisals exists , nations who feel insecure of the trust of other nations will seek to develop a mightier armament of power.

But what of a world in which all could feel safe? A world in which all can feel safe can only be ensured by fostering the motivation within each heart to turn toward hope, peace, and respect as a way of meeting others with the anticipation of finding common ground.

We must ask ourselves these two questions; how can we create peace, and is it possible to do so? Such a vision of unity is the only firm foundation for peace and is based in the trust that all hearts want the same thing. To pursue this, we must begin to lay down our arms and allow the language of love to replace the language of war.

This shift in outlook may show slow results, but it will show results if we are patient and trustful.

Love breeds the presence of love as it moves from heart to heart and expands outward into the world.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

In Our Time---The Time Is Now

The time has come to take a profound look at American history that may open our eyes as to what has become necessary. That necessity is to immediately take the individual steps to align our great nation towards a path that will begin to help us identify who we are and where we are going.
Think about this. If we were to encapsulate every event that has taken place in America from the first footprints that stepped on our hallowed land to this day, we must ask ourselves this one question; is this the best we as Americans can do?

Take as little time as you need to answer this question and if your answer is no, I suggest you start putting one foot in front of another, and find someone that needs help and help them.

Yes, the time has come.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Silverado----Great Western--Great Message

Silverado is a shoot-um-up American western (1985) and features an ensemble cast, including Kevin Klien, Kevin Kostner, Danny Glover, and Scott Glenn, to round off the group of cowboys who captured and portrayed collectively the true meaning of the words "Men of Might." Not only is this a great movie to watch, it is embedded in an awesome scenic pallet and first class acting; it embodies the term "Mighty Men."

Following a series of  close encounters, these four desperado's form aTitanium male bond that allows their combined efforts, to get revenge on the "bad guys." You could say this is a "Bonanza" style western on steroids. Ben and his sons brought peace and  justice with kindness and understanding, the four cowboys of Silverado, established justice with blazing rapid gunfire, while sitting atop four great steed's with blazing saddles.

Unfortunately in the American landscape today there seems to be a huge shortage of men who will insist on sticking together like glue, not coming unglued. What we need is a current man generation who will showcase the examples of what it means to be an American man, to the generation of young men that seem to have their holsters filled with weapons of mass distraction.

This is a must see classic American western to watch while being witness to a great "got your back" movie.
We can only hope and pray the producers will serve us up a part deux.

Until then " ride um' cowboy", maybe I will see you at the OK Corral. (Tombstone 1993)