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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Majority Of One

Under the spreading Chestnut tree the village smithy stands. The Smith, a mighty man is he with large and sinewy hands, and the muscles of his brawny arms are as strong a iron bands; 'Henry Wadsworth Longfellow'. This was a man who because of his large masculine and muscular stature and inner strength,  could be considered a 'majority of one'.

There are times and places in American history when one's voice needs to be heard above the outcry of those who choose to take this great nation in another direction. This need to cry out is not a call to put down others way of thinking, but to maintain and preserve ones integrity for believing they also can in time, become a 'majority of one'. These beliefs by which one lives can only be changed by the changing of one's inner perspective. We must begin to turn our eyes and hearts towards one another, thus opening a door that is a home to peace and harmony.

To become a 'majority of one' is to replace other people's reliance as to the number of people who possess the same point of view, by the single depth of commitment of the one. Many times, we do not hear those who speak with a firm, but small gentle voice. Together, this small and gentle voice connected to the many, will ring loud and clear across our land to those afar, who may be listening.

Instead of looking to outer space for answers we need to begin the personal journey into inner space. We need to move away from the majority of numbers to the 'majority of one'.

To that end the 'majority of one' is not an isolated individual, but one who is committed to the future of humanity and through this commitment and firm conscience, will rise out of the depths of spirituality to become the voice of truth and understanding. Isolation is not a good destination.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jason--A Brave Heart

Sometimes we feel pain and sorrow. This suffering can make life unbearable, at times seem hopeless. With our hearts filled with despair, we ask the question, why do bad things happen to good people? We need an answer. I believe that in the death of Jason a brave heart, we will find that answer. But first we must seek our inner child, the gateway to God. It lies there within. There are many of us who never knew Jason, but there is a lesson to be learned from his death. that will help to carry on his memory, not only to those who knew him and loved him as a friend, but to his loving and dedicated mother who will carry this tremendous loss and his brave heart deep inside her own aching heart for life eternal. It is only through pain, loss, and suffering that we can move forward to experience what we may call a true and abundant life.

My belief is that bad things happen to good people because it forces us to move forward in life to become a better person, to give more of ourselves to others, and helps us to move closer to finding a reason for our existence. Many of us will choose to seek and ultimately find God. Others may go through life never seeking the answer to this ubiquitous question. When we move through this process called life, we become closer to finding out who we are and why we are here. Jason's death will make everyone who knew him a better person because he left a part of  him to live forever in their hearts. Because of his death it forces those who knew and loved him into seeing their own mortality, hopefully building their own personal relationship with the creator. To those who never got to become a part of his life, could we all not move forward in our own lives, just knowing a beautiful young man has gone before us, a brave heart, knowing that his life on earth would soon be through. Because his life on earth has passed us, don't let not knowing Jason prevent us from seeing the beauty and purpose of his life, and what life has to offer everyone who seeks it. Cherish life, if not for Jason's sake, but for your own. May Jason's life and death bring you closer to finding your own personal answer to this difficult question.

I wish we all could have been a part of Jason's life, knowing him would have made our lives much richer, coming to the realization that death is a part of life; the door to eternal life. For in life it matters not where you started, it matters where you end. At times in life we are in such a hurry to get to the top, only to realize that when we get there, only love is worth finding. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to have been a part of his life, to have been able to be connected to his spirit. It is well with his soul.

America has lost a beautiful brave heart; may Jason's love for life live in our hearts forever. May the love seed he planted grow to extend to every corner of the earth. If there is no seed, there is no plant, if there is no plant there can be no harvest. Somos el mundo.

In his death, he has brought me closer to God. I can only imagine what it must have been like for him to come face to face with his heavenly father.

Sleep in heavenly peace Jason brave heart, your life will remain in our hearts until we meet again.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

When Freedom Rings--Answer The Call

There is a call going out across America and the question that must be asked to anyone who chooses to answer the call is: what is it about the concept of freedom and autonomy that we don't seem to be getting.  The true spirit of democracy and freedom we have inherited from our ancestors seems to have disappeared from the soil that has soaked up the blood from those who went to battle, and lost their lives to protect and pass on to future generations, their acceptance of the principals upon which this nation was founded. The call is going out and we all need to have the right answer to this question. The call must be answered and it must be answered now. The time has come to teach others through our actions, that freedom is something to be cherished and that it is sacred. For freedom to be taken for granted is unacceptable.

For those of us who choose to perpetuate this freedom we cherish, we must not let the distractions forced upon us by the National news and social media infiltrate the tender and easily manipulative minds of our youth. Freedom does not give us the right to do 'just as we please'.Young people are bombarded with mindless chatter, meaningless drivel, portraying the typical American family as if we were a bunch of vacuous nit-wits. We understand freedom is something to cherish and must never allow liberticide. We must have meaningful conversations with them, while ringing the bell of freedom.We must walk the talk.

We must stand together, united in our commitment, that through our actions, we must deliver the true meaning of the word "freedom" to our youth; so that on their shoulders and in their hearts, they may pass on this true meaning of freedom to future generations.

The call is a free one, the only cost is the giving of yourself to deliver the message.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

Today is a day to remember, reflect, and to be grateful for the blessing of liberty and a multitude of other human comforts left behind by Americans that have given their lives, so that we who are the survivors, may carry on their dreams that died when they died. Their voices still speak to those loved ones they left behind--their voices must be heard by us.

May their unfulfilled dreams of a future shared with loved ones, living in a nation with boundless opportunities; the most precious being living with the freedom to live your life as we choose with the promise that we may live our live's in peace, forever live in our hearts.

Let us begin to build this bridge of hope and peace on this very day, and every day, from this remarkably important day forward.

Unselfishly we do this for all the right reasons.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trouble in Paradise

One of the most interesting movies I would recommend to add to your list of "must see," would be the 1932 Ernst Lubitsch classic; 'Trouble In Paradise.' Engaging you through the entire move is a stellar list of accomplished actors,  including Herbert Marshall, Miriam Hopkins, Kay Francis, Edward Everett Horton, and Charles Ruggles. This collection of actors were no doubt some of  the first Hollywood cinema "Fashionistas", forever setting the standard for Hollywood glitz and glamour. The title of this move is what got me thinking about that phrase; and I began asking myself, if there ever could be a place called paradise, what would it be like? Put that in your thinking cap someday.

There are too many people living in the U.S. today that seem to think they are by definition, "living in paradise". Paradise is a place that exists that is harmonious, with contentment, and abundant peace. What it is not necessarily, is a place of luxury and idleness. In the United States today we are far from living and demonstrating to the rest of the world, the true meaning of the word "paradise". It is about time we started down the path to this place we may call paradise, while we still have time. We don't know where we are going, and seem to be in a very big hurry to get there. This is not the compass that will lead us down the road to find utopia.

Yes, there is lot's of "trouble in paradise" existing here, right now, today. We must not take this "trouble" with us into the future, knowing the future is now. This is one tremendous weight we cannot carry on our shoulders, most particularly on the shoulders of the youth of America, their shoulders and backs just aren't strong enough. We have created this trouble and we need to lead these "future pioneers" down a road that will even give them a glimpse of what paradise should look like. This is not a snapshot that can wait to be developed.

We may not ever achieve the true meaning of 'living in paradise,' but wouldn't it be a wonderful vision to look forward to and dream about? What's the harm in dreaming anyway, many dreams have happy endings.

As in the movie "Trouble In Paradise," this journey we are on as a nation, can also have a happy ending. Just watch the ending of this great movie.

The choice belongs to you, and only you.