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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Talkin' Bout Generationism

There seems to lots of ism's and expressive "new language" bombarding the American public these days and  Generation-ism should now be the redefined to the term otherwise known as the "generation gap" and  should be near the top of the list. The reason; to bring everyone to the realization that we need to stop pointing fingers at the previous and the current generations, and put our --- 'help where our hope is.' We need to stop pointing fingers, pointing the middle finger up, stop making excuses as to why we can't get in the middle, and stop choosing not to "get involved". We citizens of America need to stop hoping our problems away; hoping someone else will solve these problems. We all need to take affirmative action --  now.
From the inception of the Missionary Generation, (1860-82) to the present Millennial's (born 1980-2000), and including the other 5 generations, all we seem to do is to claim that other generations are the culprits of today's problems, while most who do the complaining cannot show verifiable justification criteria to substantiate their claims. That is what is lacking and this is why we are so disconnected from one another.

Before we put too much blame on the present Millennial's for their narcissistic and selfish behavior, ( ever wonder who they got it from? lets take a look at the millions of adults who are going to plastic surgeons in droves to get a better picture of themselves while they are constantly looking at their new youthful image of themselves in the mirror. Lots of these onlookers and finger pointers are also the ones spending time abusing technology, social media, and all the other weapons of mass distraction as well. Fact: pointing fingers never solved anything.

All of us need to take a closer look at ourselves to determine if we are part of the problem, or are we going to choose to be a part of the solution. Since "the many" helped to create these problems of the present generation, why aren't we helping them? Too many of them are cool and reserved, not at all passionate, lazy, and feel entitled just like a lot of their parents still do. Lets help them find the passion. They seem to be well informed but are inactive so lets give them something to be active about-- lets introduce them to what America has always been about; helping those in need. Take them for that Sunday drive, in the "old fashioned search engine", give them something to believe in and be a part of, and show them by our actions and tell them they are loved by us. That's what we are supposed to do. Its supposed to be a generation thing, way cool.

Here's something "old fashioned" to think about ---  'being kind is being cool'.

In the future, we may have living proof that caring does matter.

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