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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dearly Beloved - A Love Letter

Dearly beloved:
This is the first love letter I have ever written. I'll get right to point and tell you that I love you with all my heart and soul. There, I got over the hardest part first. I really wanted to tell you in person, but I could never bring myself to telling you face to face. Too big

When I look back on my life, I guess I was too young, naive, and immature to really appreciate my love for you and all the important things you stand tall for. Looking at you and loving you from afar has always been difficult, but now I must come forward and tell you how much I love you and need you, before it is too late.

As far back as I can remember we have had a wonderful history together, and I was always in awe of your beauty and majesty. You were always there for me and will always be a real portrait of beauty to me, possessing the power of a queen, and the allure of countless  hidden treasures. Even when things really got distant between us, and after all the times you left me out in the cold., I choose to still embrace you - I will to the end of time.

My beloved, I really need to tell that I need you so much it hurts me, and I don't know what I ever would do without you. I long to be needed by your loveliness, and I will shout it from the top of the highest mountains and from the floor of your hearts deepest valley's.

I know you are in deep trouble now, and you don't know how to get your self out of it. Well my sweet, because you have always been there for me when I needed you, I can't, and won't ever desert you -  my love for you has grown stronger and stronger, as I have grown older and wiser.

The time has come to rescue you from the dangers that lie ahead of you, for I will be your rock, your Gibraltar. It is the very least I can for you after all have done for me my precious, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Through the years you never let me down, you always turned my world around with your compassion to treat everyone you met with open arms. You have always been a statue of liberty in my eyes, and to everyone who has ever come to know you. Sometimes I feel like I am loosing my best friend -  someone who has always taught me right from wrong, knowing that you were right. Seeing you change so much right in front of my eyes seems like closing books and long last looks my friend. Above all you are my let freedom ring, and my beacon of love and hope. So bring me your heart no matter how broken, come as you are, for all that you thirst for you will thirst no more, and all who search for you will find what their souls are longing for. Here in this moment I choose to reach out and touch your heart.

It is with great pride, compassion, love, and loyalty that I will always pledge my allegiance to you. It is for you my dearly beloved America, that I shall sing your praises from sea to shining sea. If we have to turn back time, we will find our way.

It is in you and God, I put my trust.

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