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Sunday, June 15, 2014

America-- A good Scolding

When I was young, and believe me I was one mischievous little boy, I remember being scolded for my bad behavior. I was young, but I knew the difference between right and wrong, and I knew there were going to be consequences for my bad behavior, but being young and naive, I just didn't care. When you are young and don't know any better, that's one thing, but when we grow up we are supposed to act like responsible adults --  because we need to teach the children well, which is exactly what we are not doing. Today in America much of  what I see is a nation of adults going around acting like children with no parental guidance, and what I am observing mostly is children leading children --  but in reality, no one is leading at all.

We used to be a great nation, but not any more. We have freedom, yes, a freedom that was fought and paid for dearly by our ancestors lives, and still to this day, brave men and women are giving up their lives in order to let freedom ring out across our once great land. Freedom does not come free, and it is surely not worth loosing.

We are behaving badly as a nation, and we need a good scolding:
We need to:

Stop, when we see a stop sign-- because it means stop
Stop talking on our cell phones while we are driving, we can kill  an innocent person
Stop text messaging when we drive, we can kill an innocent child
Stop pointing fingers at others; Christ said you can see the splinter in my eye, but not the log in yours
Stop looking down at the ground while we are walking towards someone and look in their eyes and put a smile on our faces, they need love just like we do, and we may be saving their life
Stop assuming that every one else is bad, and we are perfect
Stop believing everything we hear from the media, they are imperfect humans just like us --- seek your own truth
Stop watching all that crap on TV, it is ruing our lives, our children's future, and it is killing America's morality
Stop being ungrateful, it is UN-American; just ask anyone who has been to war, or ask an appreciative  immigrant living here now, what grateful means to them
Stop waiting for the government or others to make life better here in this country, it is up to us, and only us---ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country; go ahead, try it, it will feel good to you, to others, to JFK, and to Mother America
Stop thinking that what the American flag stands for isn't worth saving or saluting anymore, that it is cliche' with no meaning, and went out in the 60's ---  it didn't
Stop playing inappropriate music with trash lyrics too loud in public, and enough with the foul language and trashy unsuitable, inappropriate clothing in front of our children and our seniors, its immoral, and they deserve better, and we seniors don't like it
Stop buying dogs and teaching them to be ferocious pets to show your fear and distrust of your fellow man, when it it you who can't be trusted; so go out and buy your self a golden retriever or a black Labrador retriever, they are dogs of peacemakers
Stop believing it when people tell you God is dead, he isn't; besides you have never even looked for him in the first place
Stop being a proc lamer and become a believer --  learn to defend your beliefs or non-beliefs, at least let people know what it was that lead you to believe what you are defending in the first place
Stop walking around like a zombie and seek, and maybe you will find, the greatest treasure of life which is buried deep inside of you, but is invisible to the eye
Stop ass aching, our children are watching us, they are our only hope for a future of peace
Most importantly, start behaving because the universe is watching

Go in peace, and let the Prince of peace be your guide


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