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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Remember When... - In Memorial

Remember when:            

You were little and you were getting ready for you first day of school after a long, fun filled summer,
You were 16 and sat in the front seat behind the wheel of you first car, next to your dad,
You graduated from high school, with an opportunity to go to college,
you could go to the college of your choice,
you had an opportunity to voice your opinion on a particular subject, even though others disagreed with you,
you were a child and could get on your knees at night to say your prayers with out fear of retaliation,
you got your first kiss from your future date to the prom,
you went on a picnic with your parents, grilled out, and went for a swim in the lake - took a nap on soft green grass,
you and your family took your one and only automobile trip across the United States to get a glimpse of what it means to be an American,
you slept outdoors at night under the stars, among the firefly's, comfortable and safe in your own sleeping bag,
you got to go on to further your education so you and your family could experience the "good life",
you got to choose the church of your choice, to pray to a God in who you believe in,
you had the opportunity to disagree with someone, knowing it was your God given right to do so,
you realized for the first time in your life that there are people who have given their lives for your freedom.

We must always remember freedom does not come free --- EVER.

We live in a peaceful America for only one reason. Soldiers gave their lives for us. The peace we have is their proof in believing.

May we be eternally grateful to them every day of our lives.
May those heroes who are living, find God and peace in their lives.

May those who have lost their lives, rest in peace.

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