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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Renewing The Soul Of America

The vision of the future that many people in America carry today is not one of hope, but one of despair. That's because the ideals upon which this proud nation once stood, are being undermined by ruthless practices. This  provide a separation from the high ideals of democratic functioning. Nevertheless, the hope for America's future still lies within these ideals.The virtues are embedded in her foundation, and the practices that were born out of her soul.

This hope cannot and will not be found in the practices that have corrupted her willingness to compromise these virtues because it would diminish her power. Nor does it lie in the sense of entitlement that has taken hold of an over consuming public. What once was the envy of the world, has become because of its indigenous greed, a nation looked upon with sadness,with little hope of a bright future. We must make this a picture of a "new emotional" awakening, not a rude awakening to the facts.

The new awakening of America's consciousness is about to take hold , the new desire to be a source of peace, not a source of war----a voice to sing the praises of our new message of national integrity, morality, peace, and empathy. We will call her voice "Spark America U.S.A."

This longing for a renewal of our most precious attributes beats stronger and stronger, increasingly in the hearts of those who choose to be the carriers of this new idealism that seems to be ever present at this time. This new heartbeat in America will not come easy. It may take a long time and it may be agonizing, but it must become the new soul of our nation.

We must, at this time in America's history, begin to rewrite the history books to show the soul of our nation began today to strengthen and show other nations we are of one vision and purpose; that being the noble nation of peace, leadership, and prosperity.

We must lead the change.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Little Park That Is

In the world today there seems to be a disbelief that global peace is a possibility. It is possible, you just have to believe it. The belief I share with millions of others living here in the United States and around the globe who are believers, is based on the realization that we are already in the beginnings of an era that shouts for global peace-- all we need to do is choose to be connected to one another. Sometimes peace seems impossible to obtain, almost like a puzzle with just one piece missing. If we could just find the missing piece, worldwide peace could become reality. Just when we feel like giving up, along comes the final piece of the puzzle that galvanizes that connection, so that peace will be the leader out of a current disengaging process, that seems to be leading us down the road to total isolation--- which is not a good destination. The worldwide web is the final piece of the puzzle that just happened to show up at the right time in history, to become that connector that will allow world peace to become possible. What is still missing is the belief that it begins with the "one." My "one" just happens to be a young man who we shall call "Patrick."

Please allow me to give you an example of how two young men in upstate New York have planted the seeds of peace here in the United States, that have already spread to a wonderful country called the Netherlands. Tucked away behind a fire station in the city of Syracuse N.Y. lies a very small city park, which is home to a 9/11 Memorial, and a testimonial bolder etched with the names of two young children who perished in a fire not long ago--- both memorials belonging to this beautiful park, appropriately named "Sheridan First Responders Park." Through a short chain of events, my first responder, Patrick Collins, reached out to his life long friend Hunter Lare, to become an integral part of a peace movement to begin in the U.S., beginning with a beautification project for the "little park that is," but most importantly, it is because they believe that through their efforts of working together on this small plot of U.S. soil, they may inspire others to come to experience the exhilarating feeling one gets when being a catalyst for world peace. Once you have had this experience, it becomes a part of who you are, and gives you a personal platform to build on. This is one of the many reasons good things happen to good people.

Through our efforts of reaching out to others here in the U.S., we have become Collaborative Partners with "World Peace Is Possible" in the Netherlands, thus providing others with a great example of just how powerful the belief that we can spread and sustain world peace by just planting two seeds in a small park, can begin to spread peace around the world.

These seeds will give us a beginning, a connection, and an example that will lead to an understanding that world peace is possible.
Take it from Patrick and Hunter and "the little park that is".
Please feel free to join in and create a world at peace.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Social Change--The Time Is Now

It is time in America that we understand that we have the power and resources within us to spark social change. There seems to be the mindset that lies within too many people that this is an impossibility, and cannot be done. This is a direct result of the dire warnings we are getting from all the wrong sources and we continue to believe what they keep telling us. We need to seek out the measurable data that shows us how, for one example, to increase empathy in our children. We need to be more understanding and learn why we do what we do, and the best way to begin is not to form our opinions about what we can and can not do, based just upon "big" news stories. We need to continuously dig deeper into ourselves to find the right and effective answers.

Is it possible to prevent child abuse, bullying, and chronic homelessness? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Allow me to give you just one example.

The first line of defense to prevent bullying of course begins in the home. We can reduce bullying in schools right away by increasing students' readiness to learn. Teachers need more time to teach in the classroom, and schools need to increase recess time in order for children to learn how to control their impulses and bad behavior, so they will learn how to get along better with others. This along with more frequent visits to the gym will teach them how to resolve their differences peacefully. We now have well-conducted studies that will reveal that these approaches, when instituted, work.

We need to get smarter about the way we address social issues, and create meaningful dialogue that will ultimately lead to the action that is necessary that will reveal the quantifiable results of the fruits of our labor.

We need to recognize that a key to social change is is to turn great ideas into great organizations led by dynamic leaders, and delivering the results we strive for. It will be upon this bedrock built by future pioneers, that we may find the entrepreneurs who are passionate and driven enough to build these social change institutions.

Through the efforts and needs of scores of organizations that build a coordinated effort to agree on the same principles and measurable goals, working side by side, will it then be possible to begin to achieve the necessary awareness to the ultimate goal, world peace.

World peace-it's a good thing and it is possible. Let us begin to get the job done. We need you.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The American Flag Revisited

In America today, there seems to be a lack of understanding as to why we should teach our children,  that the flag of the United States of America is where all of us need to pledge our allegiance. To understand the importance of this homage, we must first understand it's symbolism.

Originally the symbol and banner of the thirteen colonies, its form and colors, were not chosen on the basis of rational thought. But on the basis of an intuition infused by truth and guidance, which led to the correlation between the people, and that flag America came to call her own. It was on intention that the founders of this great nation, that we it's citizens be ordained the watchful and guiding eye over it's destiny.
At the time of her birth, America's flag was simply bands of red and white, and a circle of stars against a background of blue. Yet, in it's simplicity, lay a depth of meaning and purpose. 
The red is emblematic of the blood, that was shed in the war that led to the establishment of our independent republic. The white stripes that accompany the red, signifies the higher realms of purpose that connects mankind.

Finally, the blue background against which the stars are placed, is a symbol of the eternal being of God. It represents the Infinite, out of which both America's identity and the earth itself has been constructed. The blue that represents America's relationship to God, remains as the assurance that this connection will never change-no matter what ideology becomes popular. It's why "In God We Trust" is written on all of her currency, and why in so many other instances, the connection with the eternal has been enunciated as part of America's most transcendent document.

The stars on the blue background, identifies the composite image showing the many changes from thirteen original colonies, to now representing the much vaster size of fifty states. The number of stars in the original pattern was shaped in the form of a circle, a symbol of unity. This flag of America is the hallmark of her sacred heart. Her soul is a nation whose spiritual name is love.